Smart sockets 230V

Electric sockets are 230 V operated using the remote control.


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Products by page

Smart sockets 230V – convenience and savings at your fingertips

Most of the domestic electrical equipment uses energy from the outlet. Due to the fact that technology provides smaller and more accurate monitoring modules, today we are in for a few minutes to obtain information on the consumption of electricity. Intelligent building is not only the technology that supports comfort, but also produces savings.

The smart outlet also ensure the safety of electrical wiring. If the components to be installed will be too burdened, it may cause damage or short circuit, that in turn may lead to a failure in the supply of electricity in the whole building or even a fire. Smart sockets have fuses until the flow of current in excess of a certain amount of power.

Choose the best for you – a variety of designs available in our offer

We have, in particular, products operated through remote control, mobile apps, or timers. Because of this, everyone can choose the model that meets your individual requirements. Building automation in this case is very simple, since the connection is independent from each other room, a few outlets, you can manage all devices via a convenient remote control running on multiple channels.

The timer allows you to set the hours in which the connector should be on and how long off. It is very convenient to automate the process of growing or production. More advanced models are compatible with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This allows you to control or monitor energy consumption, while on the other side of the world!