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Those days, 230VAC electrical sockets are not an extraordinary element of equipment in most buildings. Those are the elements that providing grid connection and supply of electricity powered receivers. Recently, you can buy a slightly unusual type of such sockets in the form of intelligent electrical sockets, which are also available in the Botland store! Intelligent electrical sockets still perform their basic function, giving the possibility of connecting and powering electrical receivers from the 230V network, but also have a few built-in smart functionalities. Such features include control of switching devices on and off via Wi-Fi, implementation of the power supply schedule in terms of working time, as well as electricity consumption monitoring and optimization. Thanks to such functions, you can significantly reduce electricity bills. Intelligent 230V electrical sockets are simple in use and very useful hardware extension for any intelligent building. Please check the details of our offer!


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Products by page

Smart 230V power sockets - wireless connectivity is a must-have!

One of the most important attributes of 230VAC smart sockets is the wireless communication function. Most of these types of devices are equipped with a Wi-Fi communication module - then the socket can be controlled via the home wireless network, which we typically use to browse the web. The Botland store also offers socket models supporting the Z-Wave and ZigBee communication protocols, which are also popular in other building automation devices. If you plan to install a small smart installation at home, which will consist of only a few 230V smart sockets, then it is best to choose sockets that use Wi-Fi based on the IEEE 802.11 standard to provide wireless communication. Such sockets can be supported by a classic Wi-Fi router. However, if you want to install sockets on a construction site with a very large area, it is best to use smart sockets that have implemented Z-Wave or ZigBee protocol support, due to the much greater signal range and greater interference immunity.

Smart 230V power sockets - power schedules

A very practical function of 230V smart sockets is also the ability to set power supply time schedules. In this way, we can program an intelligent socket so that the power supply to individual receivers is set in such a way that it is automatically switched on and off at precisely specified hours. This is a particularly useful feature in the application that simulating the presence of people at home. Most of the smart 230VAC sockets that are offered in the Botland store are equipped with a power consumption meter. In this way, the user can regularly keep the reports and statistics that help to make an accurate calculation and forecasting of electricity costs and its reduction. In addition, voice assistants - devices that enable voice commands, such as Google Home or AI-Speaker, can also work with intelligent 230VAC sockets. In this way, by issuing a voice command you can switch on or off such devices as heating or lighting.