Smart 230V socket

Smart 230V socket is a very useful element in creating home automation systems. Such devices allow, usually (depending on model) enable or disable routing hooks are also good for the equipment, installation work schedules, as well as measuring the consumption of electricity. Smart sockets can be controlled remotely, for example, by using a corresponding application installed on the mobile device. Smart 230V power socket in the kit is an ideal solution for remote programming of a part of household devices.


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Products by page

Smart 230V socket: convenience and saving

With built in smart 230V socket licznikom, you can better control your electricity consumption in your home. Such devices also allow for programming of the working cycles of home equipment, as well as remote start and stop of HOUSEHOLD appliances. This is especially useful if you are often out-of-home - smart socket will allow You, for example, to run the washing machine at such a late hour, so that linen was made when you get back.

How to choose the right model?

Depending on what features you need, you can choose one of many smart sockets, available in our offer. Before invalid for a specific model, you must first specify the desired compatibility with the control system (e.g. Android, iOS) and the maximum load to which the socket will be exposed. This second option is particularly important in a situation when you are going to use the smart socket for household APPLIANCES control device such as a washing machine or induction cooker can get a lot of energy, especially in the start time or hard work. Very useful also the function of the additional surge protection is placed in the smart grid, which helps (along with the fuse network and systems within the device) to better protect Your equipment.

Smart socket - Useful functions

In addition to basic features such as remote start or timer, many models of smart outlet also has other interesting features - for example, the possibility of voice control or use the outlet as a nightlight, LED. Useful also the option of manual override, as well as the ability to protect against unauthorized access. Some models feature not only in the energy meter, but also special programs that facilitate its economy.