Smart home

Are you a real gadget enthusiast who already many years ago has dreamed about automatic light that turns on when you clap your hands? Would you like to be able to turn off or mute the music with a voice command? Today all of these are at your fingertips and smart homes are no longer something extraordinary or unattainable.


  • BleBox - home automation BleBox - home automation

    Do you want your apartment, house, office or car to be impressive? If so, all you need to do is to apply smart WiFi controllers and modules that will allow you to control the equipment even from your smartphone. Smart and functional homes are a special advantage that enables...

  • BroadLink - home automation BroadLink - home automation

    Home automation is no longer a utopian dream of fans of advanced technology - it’s the future already available at your fingertips. If you want to enjoy your smart home, take advantage of the most innovative solutions that guarantee high quality and numerous...

  • iNode - Android Bluetooth sensors and modules iNode - Android Bluetooth sensors and modules

    All apartments, offices, houses or public buildings should be equipped with special advanced sensors which constantly monitor the environment so that every tenant or person staying at the property feels safe. iNode guarantees satisfaction for all those who wish to prepare...

  • Inveo smart controllers Inveo smart controllers

    Have you ever dreamt of a modern office, where everything is under control and you never need to worry about safety? Or maybe you wanted an apartment that guarantees maximum comfort? If so, these dreams are just within your reach - just take advantage of our offer available in...

  • moduły BBMagic moduły BBMagic

    BBMagic modules are wireless modules, the Executive, connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The manufacturer offers a wide range of products that facilitate daily activities.

  • Tinycontrol smart controllers Tinycontrol smart controllers

    Today’s technology offers great opportunities that just a few years ago were only a utopian dream. Every year, advanced equipment manufacturers provide customers with more and more complex and useful options. Tinycontrol smart controllers are a perfect example - with...

  • Eura-tech - home automation Eura-tech - home automation

    Why not to take advantage of the automation of your apartment, office or household when it’s at your fingertips? You no longer need to get up from the couch in order to prepare your favourite coffee, turn on the music or the lights. And these are only a few features of...

  • Fibaro - home automation Fibaro - home automation

    Since home automation becomes increasingly popular, it’s simply impossible to overlook Fibaro systems, which have gained the appreciation of customers around the world. We can guarantee that products in our offer are carefully selected. We are a team of...

  • Voice assistants Voice assistants

    Being able to control your electronic equipment only with voice commands is something that until recently was just a dream of every Sci-Fi fan. Now voice assistants are at your fingertips and you can impress your guests effortlessly because the possibilities are endless. On...

  • Neo - home automation Neo - home automation

    In this category you will find elements of the home automation system Neo. The range includes, among other things, sensors, signals, switches, smart plugs, cameras and remote controls. All products connect to the wi-fi network, LAN, and work with application to control home...

  • Android Boxes Smart TV Android Boxes Smart TV

    System Smart Tv , is now something completely normal and it's hard to find a TV model of the middle class, which has no such functionality. Many users, however, still has the old model of receivers, which just should not be changed as they are still offering effective and...

  • Sonoff - smart WiFi modules Sonoff - smart WiFi modules

    WiFi is technology that has revolutionized the world of computerization and automation. Smart Sonoff WiFi modules are the perfect example how wireless connections can make our lives and everyday time or energy consuming activities noticeably easier. You don’t longer...

  • Shelly - home automation Shelly - home automation

    Intelligent controllers and monitors of the environment with the possibility of communication via WiFi LAN. The small size allows for placing in a flush-mounted box.

  • Zamel Supla - automatyka domowa Zamel Supla - automatyka domowa

    You want to control blinds, lights or appliances with your smartphone? This is not difficult and expensive! Automation for home Supla Zamel will satisfy the most demanding customers who appreciate the combination of functionality, best performance, excellent materials and...

  • Z-wave modules Z-wave modules

    Would you like to be able to monitor your house or apartment from your computer screen? Do you strive for full compatibility of one application with all your appliances and equipment? If so, Z-Wave modules and actuators are the best solution for your needs. On our offer...

  • Sensors and alarms Sensors and alarms

    Sensors that enhance comfort and convenience in daily life.

  • Exta Life - sensors and modules Exta Life - sensors and modules

    The smart home system based on radio communication.

  • Exta Free - sensors and modules Exta Free - sensors and modules

    The smart home system based on radio communication.

  • Numato Lab - GPIO - USB drivers Numato Lab - GPIO - USB drivers

    Drivers that control the actuators by using the USB port on the computer.

  • AST lighting controllers AST lighting controllers

    Drivers equipped with an astronomical clock, allowing the activation and deactivation of devices at the GPS position and sunrise and sunset.

  • Smart sockets 230V Smart sockets 230V

    Electric sockets are 230 V operated using the remote control.

  • Smart switches Smart switches

    In the category of “Smart switches”, we offer great relay leading brands. We have devices that can be installed inside the home electrical box. They allow you to control the power to any devices connected to the network in the house from anywhere in the world. The following...

  • Weather stations Weather stations

    Device indicating temperature and humidity in rooms and weather conditions outside.

  • Ringtones and viewfinders Ringtones and viewfinders

    Wireless ringtones , intercoms and viewfinders that allow you to view the guest from anywhere in the world using the Android and iOS applications.

  • Linear actuators Linear actuators

    Device wykonowacze used for example for remote opening of gates and doors.

  • LED lighting LED lighting

    Lamps, bulbs, fixtures with sensors, stripes and many other light sources in LED technology, which ensures low power consumption at high brightness.

  • LED indicators LED indicators

    Lamps showing the status of drivers and devices.

  • IP cameras IP cameras

    Cameras that allow you to upload images to the Internet.

  • Heating and air conditioning Heating and air conditioning

    The device is a trusted device operating in both summer and winter.

  • Air cleaner Air cleaner

    Device used to remove contaminants and odors present in the air indoors.

  • Netatmo - automatyka domowa Netatmo - automatyka domowa

    The modules of the smart home, which help in the protection of property, the suppression of energy consumption, as well as for complex measurements of environmental parameters.

  • AMK - automation and controlling AMK - automation and controlling

    The smart home system based on Modbus protocol.

  • Coolseer - home automation Coolseer - home automation

    In this category you will find a wide variety of elements of home automation system Coolseer. It is compatible with popular wireless protocols and voice assistants, as well as high quality performance and ease of use, products Coolseer enjoyed great success among users. There...

  • Tuya - automatyka domowa Tuya - automatyka domowa

    In this category we offer a simple, intuitive and functional components and modules home automation system Thuja. Cooperate with the popular app Thuja Smart Life available on the Android and iOS systems. Thuja is a "smart" relays, controllers, thermostatic head working with...


Smart Home

Products by page

Products by page

Smart home for your convenience

Do you value privacy and therefore have extra thick roller blinds? Is it hard for you to get out of bed when the sun doesn't shine into your room in the morning? Don’t worry! Your problem has just been solved - the driver available in our offer guarantees not only top quality of the used materials but also an attractive price which will surely encourage all the users to get acquainted with the world of automatics. The functionalities mentioned above are only the most basic examples of the smart home capabilities. Moreover, every year manufacturers outperform each other and launch new technologies which are even more appealing. In our offer you can find products of many popular manufacturers who can boast with only positive customer reviews.

Endless possibilities and safety

In order to protect yourself from unexpected risks such as a burglary or even gas leaks, choose products like air cleaners, smoke, motion, sound, proximity and temperature detectors. The last one is particularly advisable for cautious people - when the detectors are installed at windows, the user is informed when windows are opened or closed. Intelligents sockets are another example, they inform users about the amount of the power used so that the risk of overloading the electricity grid is rather minimized. Such a smart home system will send the necessary information to the relevant authorities so that they can react immediately, even if no one is at home. Moreover, thanks to the fact that systems are equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi your household members will also be notified about the risk of danger.

Popular products:

• Linear Actuator LACT2-12V-20 500N 13mm/s 12V - 5cm stroke

• Numato Lab 4-channel relay module 12V 7A/250 VAC. DC + 6GPIO - USB

• Digital control unit ETM for actuators