Plastic housing for electronics , the enclosure Base to the finished electronics on the circuit Board-is often the last step is to divide the Creator from the moment of completion of the project. The housing has first and foremost task is to protect the delicate electronics from mechanical damage. The store Botland you can find a reliable housing for electronics of high quality plastic, manufactured by such companies as Kradex whether Maszczyk. Models are available in various sizes, among other things, providing water resistance and dust and are suitable for installation on DIN rails.


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Products by page

Electronics housings

Housing for tiles PLC with circuit boards is an essential element if it is made the layout of the electronic final version of the device. The outer casing can perform many different functions, one of them is an external view of the device with which the user will have to deal with each and every use. Our product range includes housings in black, gray or white, and each model looks neat and professional. The final customer's decision to purchase a particular product may be dictated by the desired appearance of the subject.

Plastic housing - Dimensions and holes

The proposal Botland you'll find the body in a variety of sizes - easily configure the case for your tile. Available sizes you can see by selecting the appropriate dimensions in a specially designed search engine - width (from 16 to 250 mm), length (from 15 to 410 mm) and height (from 2 to 180 mm). Plastic case must also have special holes, through which you can derive the wire, or you'll be able to place the socket through which the connection to the PLC cost inside. Some models are designed for use in the power supply that connect to standard Polish sockets (230 V). We also offer housing with zapewnionymi ventilation holes, so you can be sure of the effectiveness of the installed cooling system at the system logically. Available also models with “ears” (for mounting e.g. on a wall) and adapted for mounting on a DIN rail.

Sealed enclosure for electronics

Part of the logic requires the use of the body, ensuring a certain protection class. With the help of our search with wardrobes, you can choose the products which are assigned a protection class. Affordable housing marked

IP20 means that the body in no way does not protect from water, but protects from foreign objects with a diameter greater than (or equal to) 12.5 mm Designation IP53 ensures that the universal case protects from bluzgiem water at any angle up to 60° from the vertical, as well as from dust, while the IP 54 provides more protection from opryskiem water from any direction. Case marked IP65 ensures the highest scale degree of protection against dust (dustproof), protection from getting wet when the water jets (12,5 l/min) on the housing at any angle and protection IP67 allows short-term immersion in water (about 30 minutes at a depth of 0.15 m).