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Courses signed with the Forbot brand today have the interest of a huge group of electronics enthusiasts. People who are just starting their adventure with programmable electronics and robots, as well as more experienced users choose easy and effective Forbot courses. Anyone can significantly expand their programming knowledge and skills by buying Forbot courses. In Botland you will find many different types of Forbot courses. You can easily choose one of the courses containing Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Discovery microcontrollers. Choose the solution that best suits your needs!


  • Sets and courses FORBOT Sets and courses FORBOT

    Surely you have heard about Forbot courses (and if not, you'll love them)! Botland is the official distributor of sets for the most popular - in Poland and not only - Forbot electronics courses . Our offer includes sets of elements that allow you to learn electronics in...

  • Training materials FORBOT Training materials FORBOT

    Additional educational materials that facilitate the study of electronics courses. From the pop-up boards , thanks to which the most important information, you can always have up to until after courses in the form of books which are designed for people who are looking for...

  • Accessories FORBOT Accessories FORBOT

    Case and versatile stand that facilitates the construction of devices based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In addition, in the proposal we have also gadgets FORBOT-and, the purchase of which supports the creation of subsequent courses, electronics and programming.


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Products by page

Products by page

In addition, in this category you will also find courses that do not contain popular boards, but those that only have electronic components in the set: mounting plate and meter. Most often, everything is made in threaded technology, which makes it easier for inexperienced electronics to complete tasks from the courses themselves. The Forbot courses themselves are structured in such a way that every beginner can do them. Choose one of the courses and start learning through fun!

Forbot courses for every fan of modern electronics

Forbot is one of the most popular blogs in Poland devoted to electronics and robotics. This is where regularly DIY guides are published who want to be able to build and program electronic devices themselves. Forbot courses – depending on the type and level of advancement of the course – effectively teach self-building robots. With these educational materials about electronics and robotics you will learn how programmable electronics works. You will learn the secrets of the most popular programming languages ​​commonly used in robot design!

Forbot courses contain many elements. Depending on the set, you will find an electronic boards and educational materials in the box. Some products also include complete instrumentation, memory cards, power cords, power supplies, adapters (e.g. USB to UART) and complete sets of electronic components. In turn, in some you can find additional materials and mechanical accessories such as cameras dedicated to tiles, temperature sensors, buzzers and contact plates. Further educational sets, designed more for advanced people, have been equipped with such amenities as microcontrollers, servos, connection cables, batteries, transistors, resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, relays, Zener diodes, LEDs, chokes, and even meters. In other words, there is plenty to choose from!

Why should I decide to buy Forbot courses on electronics?

Forbot electronic courses are prepared in such a way that the learner gets to know as much rules as possible about electronics. Thanks to the individual Forbot educational materials you will learn what laws are governed by electronics. You'll see how the laws of physics work in practice (Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's first and second laws). By purchasing the Forbot education kit, you will also learn how to use the knowledge you've already acquired. These products have very high practical value. In other words, you can put everything you learn into practice!

What exactly can you do after completing Forbot courses? There are as many examples as there are many possibilities! You will know how to design a power supply using a Zener diode. You will acquire the ability to make popular connections in the form of H bridges. Thanks to this your first mobile robot will be created.

What's more, the contact plates included in the Forbot sets are reusable. Attached elements such as capacitors, LEDs and other mechanical components can be safely used in other, DIY projects. By buying a set, you buy a number of practical options.

Forbot courses – learn how to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi controllers

The courses often also describe how and which programs to use for different tasks. We highly recommend buying Forbot courses on the use of controllers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Thanks to this you will learn the basics of programming in an easy and accessible way. You will easily learn how to combine electronics with programming and how to operate Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The only factor that can limit you later is only your imagination!

We encourage you to place orders now. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!