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Courses Forbot - we Offer a wide range of kits for courses FORBOT, which are used to study electronics. Easily you can choose one of the courses that contain microcontrollers Arduino or Raspberry Pi or Discoveryin different versions (except of course). In addition, you will find courses not containing the popular tile - those that have included only the electronic components, the mounting plate and the measuring device. Most often, this is done in a technology przewlekanej, so inexperienced elektronikom easier to independently perform tasks with your courses. The courses themselves FORBOT designed in such a way that they could perform every aspiring adept.


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Products by page

Forbot courses for every fan of electronics

FORBOT is one of the most popular Polish blogs that are dedicated to electronics and robotics. Regularly publishes manuals for the DIY who want to build and program electronic devices or even robots. In addition to tiles and of course, the products also include a full instrumentation, i.e., memory cards, power cables, power adapters, adapters (e.g., USB-UART) and a rich set of electronic elements. Some of them also includes additional services such as camera, designed for tile, temperature sensors or buzzery and plate contact. You will also find educational kits without microcontrollers that contain items such as jumper cables, batteries, transistors, resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, relays, Zener diodes, LEDs, chokes, and even sensors.

Courses online FORBOT

Courses online FORBOT prepared so that the student studied, as many of the principles that manages the electronics. It is primarily the laws of physics, such as Ohm's law and what it implies (e.g. in the selection of the resistor) or the first and second Kirchhoff's laws. The student learns how to use this knowledge - for example, how to create a block with Zener diode, or how to make an H bridge to build your own robot mobile device. Tiles contact attached to the kits allow you to reuse them and the attached elements (e.g., capacitors, LEDs). Courses is often also described how and what programs to use for different tasks (for example, the design of the PCB track). Courses about using controllers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi you will learn the basics of programming. In simple way you learn how to combine electronics with programming met theory and practice. And then You were only a private fantasy.