Series minicomputers jednopłytkowych CubieBoard waited for several edits, each of which makes the following following add-ons and extensions, not only from the point of view of the main components and peripheral systems or the number of available USB ports. The CubieBoard is a full-fledged computers that are suitable for a number of applications, ranging from Amateur and professional situations. In our store you will find accessories that perfectly facilitates experiments and application development.


UC - Microkontroler
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UC - core
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UC - Bluetooth
UC - Camera interface
UC - Linux
UC - Android
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CubieBoard 1 and CubieBoard 2

Since the first edition, miniature computers CubieBoard highlights several elements that give them a well-known functionality of "big" computers. One of them is the SATA connector that allow the use of full-size hard disks, so the user is not associated with the need to use a micro SD card. The module in the first version was based on the processor AllWinner A10, processor frequency 1 GHz and in version another in his place appeared a dual-core AllWinner A20. Both devices were equipped with, in particular, in the Ethernet connector, two USB ports, HDMI port, and extensive GPIO connector that enables to join minikomputera external extensions and accessories, such as control modules or sensors.

Platform for professional use

Modules CubieBoard, thanks to numerous connectors and systems, peripherals, are an excellent solution for those looking for a small computer suitable for demanding applications. Depending on needs, CubieBoard 2 is available in versions equipped with one or two slots for micro SD cards, which is unique in this class of devices. Although CubieBoard can run as a normal office computer, its capabilities can be greatly expanded – you should use special accessories, among which the most interesting choice would be tile DVK522 company Waveshare. Thanks to the functions available, use fully the potential of these mini-computers.

Create your own motherboard.

Module DVK522 is a universal platform), has two connections to fit the base for goldpinów GPIO, which are all miniature computers CubieBoard 1 and 2. On the disk, in addition to goldpinów duplicating the connection to the GPIO connectors, we find a number of video and audio connectors (output CVBS and VGA camera connector and three connectors, providing interaction with various types of LCDs, equipped with resistive and capacitive touchpanele) output "turn-key"," serial interface (1-Wire, SPI, I2C, UART) and slots, the receiving radio modules, ZigBee and Arduino shieldy. On the disk there was a place for Converter USB to UART (PL2303TA), RTC battery, sustained power, with a buzzer and some LEDs. You can define the configuration with a few jumper wires, connecting accessories and devices installed on the Board with the relevant lines minikomputera.