Tantalum capacitors SMD

SMD tantalum capacitors - In this category we offer tantalum capacitors SMD. They are used in similar situations, as well as other types of capacitors. It is, however, to pay attention to their unique properties, since the use of high quality materials and often exceed their capabilities, like electrolytic capacitors, and ceramic. Tantalum capacitor combines the advantages of both - a good job of filtering signals of high and low. In addition, is characterized by exceptional stability, small size, low series inductance (ESL), and low serial resistance (ESR). The capacitors in this category are designed for surface mounting (SMD housing).


RLC - Tolerance
RLC - Resistance
RLC - Capacity

Tantalum capacitors SMD

A capacitor is an electronic component consisting of two plates made of wires and split their dielectric. In the case of the capacitor tantalowego (which our store offers), for the cover to be elected, as a rule, crushed, burnt tantalum, on which formed is a thin layer of dielectric (Ta2O5 - tantalum pięciotlenek), and the second cover forms a manganese dioxide (MnO2). It is an inexpensive material, semiconductor, whereby the capacitor is very durable and reliable (this is, incidentally, from the properties samonaprawczych MnO2). It is worth remembering that under extreme conditions at very high temperatures and in the presence of oxygen can cause a fire - because of this, you should observe the necessary precautions.

Or tantalum capacitors is the electrolytic capacitors?

Tantalum capacitors are sometimes called condensers elektrolitycznymi with the electrolyte in a constant state of focus. Used for filters, odsprzęgania signals or energy storage. Well proven system, used in aviation, the implants used in medicine, laptops, mobile devices or automation systems and control. One of the main advantages of this type of capacitors contribute to miniaturization of devices. In relation to the small size, the capacity of these components is very high - have a high level of bulk density of all types of capacitors. Thanks to this feature, they are perfect as elements, designed for surface mounting (SMD). Advantage is also the relatively low price (considering efficiency).

What do we offer?

In our offer you will find SMD tantalum capacitors with a capacity of 1 µf and 4.7 µf, 10 µf, 22 µf, 47 µf and 100 µf. Available sizes are referred to as SMD SMD SMD B and C - than the letter closer to the beginning of the alphabet, the element sizes are reduced. Acceptable voltage 10 V or 16 V.