Bridges ultrasonic

Circuits for rectifying alternating currents.

Bridge rectifier – what is

The bridge rectifier is an electronic component which has the task of "straightening" the course of the current signal received at the input. Standard connectors are available electrical alternating current, which is not suitable for powering many electronic devices. In order to adapt it for their needs, often using the appropriate power supply or charger, which has, among other things, bridges ultrasonic. Such elements are able to convert alternating current (from the socket) to DC (e.g., from batteries or from a car battery).

What is rectifiers

The charger most often produced from an appropriately connected diode bridge rectifier. In order to understand the topic, you should know that the alternating current which we use in a wall, has the characteristic sine – alternately changes the polarity on both positive and negative. The simplest rectifier is a circuit with one diode prostowniczą. However, it is a little effective solution for large devices, because the energy entering the system input and is used only during the half period in the second half, the tension just stop. This solution finds application in systems of small capacity. Currently, the often used scheme dwupołówkowe that use the voltage for the entire period. A good example is the so-called bridge Graetza is one of the most common chips of this type. It consists of four led bridge rectifier installed in such a way that it becomes pełnookresowym charger. Voltage during the first half period, flows through two diodes, while two polarized zaporowo, and in the second half of the period, the situation turns (diodes that przewodziły work zaporowo, and the dam – they direct). As a result, the user receives the output current with the floating voltage in the same direction, but with significant tętnieniem. To prevent this effect, in such systems use so-called low-pass filters (for example, the correct capacitor) to smooth the run signal. Currently, electronics are most often used layouts in small enclosed buildings, so you don't have to build their own bridge rectifier from diodes.

What we offer in this section

In our assortment you will find high-quality bridges of ultrasound in the majority of MASTER INSTRUMENT CORPORATION. This is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic components. Exists since 1988 and specializiruetsya in the field of manufacturing battery chargers and LEDs. We offer, among other things, a variety of products made by technology THT (przewlekanej), in which flows the voltage can not exceed 1000 V. mainly is a system designed for single-phase current. Each of these products is sold in five units in one purchase. We have bridges on the limitation of ultrasonic flowing current up to 6 A, 10 A, 15 A, 25 A, 35 or 50 A. the Products are available in various sizes and shapes to make it easier for them to adapt to the system. We also offer a small model of this type manufactured in the SMD technology marked S125. It is intended for use with a voltage not exceeding 250 V and a tension of not more than 1 A. the Bridge is designed for use with single-phase electric and is designed for surface mounting, comes in 10 pieces (in a special package for SMD components).

Where to use such elements

This type of system is often used in electronic devices with small power consumption. A good example can be the system that provides food for the prototype devices with the final version to run on battery. Ultrasonic bridges of this type can be used, for example, to power logic circuits, smart indicators, for the manufacture phone chargers, or power the weather station – the number of options is almost infinite.