Android Boxes Smart TV

System Smart Tv , is now something completely normal and it's hard to find a TV model of the middle class, which has no such functionality. Many users, however, still has the old model of receivers, which just should not be changed as they are still offering effective and impressive work. So it is necessary to choose an external module, Android Boxthat will satisfy the expectations of people wishing to create your home entertainment center!

Android Box for those with a Smart Tv? It is also useful!

Not every manufacturer offers specifically television system based on Android that you can get a lot of disadvantages in the form of user-friendly apps. Android Box TV provides the functionality of a smartphone and features such as the Google Play store, which houses all sorts of browsers, add-ons, games, extensions, entertainment apps, and even programs that help in career – choosing this small accessory, you create a multimedia control center, your time, your entertainment and even work.

A significant advantage is the ability of the Android Box because it's external electronic equipment, and if it fails, no need to give the TV for repair – in case internal systems Smart Tv, unfortunately, it is mandatory to send the product under warranty completely, that user loses access to classic TV.

Android Box also has a lot of apps that support systems are available in the category of intelligent building, allowing you a quick and easy way to manage roller-shutters, light, and even the gate from the chair using only the remote!

Available possible, that is, which model to choose

How many users, so many needs. We understand that our customers are awaiting high quality and such that only require access to basic applications such as: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We have prepared for You a varied range, which can be found, in particular, less powerful models that have parameters of the middle class and the materials from the top shelf and the products are characterized by extremely high performance, capable of handling the most demanding applications.

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