Android Box Smart TV

Android Box Smart TV is the solution for people who want to use multimedia functions on your TV, but don't have the appropriate equipment. Connecting such a device, you can watch TV shows, browse the Internet, play games or use apps on the big screen. In our assortment there are Android Boxes with a variety of options that allows each user to select the model optimally suited to its needs. Smart TV Box is the perfect solution for people demanding from your TV more than a standard feature.

Android Box Smart TV

Although modern televisions are usually in module, Smart TV, many older or cheaper devices have. It also happens that the module does not operate completely satisfactorily, for example, does not play some formats, sounds and images, or allows you to install applications from Google Play. Option is to connect to the TV plug Smart TV into a Android TV Box.

That offers Android Box Smart TV?

Android Box Smart TV allows you to replace any TV into a smart device that could become a multimedia entertainment center. There are many features, including:

  • download and install apps from the Play store
  • playing games (also online)
  • viewing web pages on TV
  • watch YouTube
  • the use of social networks
  • watch TV shows and movies online (e.g., sites in network)

There are also many other options. With the ability to install applications, as well as expanding the functionality of the device (for example, by adding memory), Android Box can be almost arbitrarily modificeres and adapts to the needs of the user.

How to choose the right model?

Modules Android Box work basically the same, but individual models differ in some essential features. More advanced products have better processors and more RAM - this solution fits perfectly for users who plan to heavily use the device (e.g. playing games). You should pay attention to the maximum resolution of the reproduced image and video formats supported multimedia files as well as the possibility of connecting additional sources of memory, such as an external hard drive or SD card. Tv Box Android may be the new way to watch TV in Your home.