Android Box Smart TV

Android Box Smart TV is a small device that allows convenient, integrated control of multimedia applications and functions installed on the TV. Using Smart TV, you can perform tasks such as watching movies and series, streaming music, browsing websites, gaming, as well as control home automation devices and intelligent installations. The Botland store offer is high-quality Smart TV Box devices that support Android OS and are diverse in terms of hardware capabilities. The cheapest models already provide a very good fundamental for supporting multimedia applications. The Smart TV Box is most often connected to the TV via an HDMI port. The devices offered by our store operate on Android OS. By using Smart TV Box devices you will be able to enrich your TV with many additional functions. For example, you'll be able to use your TV to play non-standard audio and movie files. In addition, Smart TV Box allows you to run most of the applications available in the Google Play store, so you can turn your TV into a real entertainment centre with huge possibilities!

What features does Android Box Smart TV offer?

Android Box Smart TV is a great solution for all users who want to extend the basic functional capabilities of their TV. In this way, you can transform a regular TV into a versatile entertainment centre for gaming, Internet browsing, watching high-definition movies, listening to music, as well as controlling an intelligent building. Also, you can expand the basic capabilities of Smart TV Box devices by connecting external hard drives and memory cards. An important functional advantage of these devices is also the ability to control them using a smartphone, tablet and separate PC. To choose the Smart TV Box model that suits your requirements, you need to consider several different factors regarding the hardware characteristics of this device. This is especially important when the applications you use require a lot of computing power.

Which parameters should you pay attention to when choosing Smart TV Box?

Just like when buying a TV or laptop, each TV Box has several features that are worth paying attention to. Those are:

- Communication - if you do not prefer data transmission over wires, then it is worth choosing a Smart TV Box equipped with a Bluetooth module and a Wi-Fi card that will enable wireless communication;

- Supported multimedia file formats and image resolution - if you care about very good sound and image quality when watching movies, photos and gaming, pay attention to the range of supported file formats.

- Mass storage - similar to telephones, tablets and computers, the greater the memory capacity for user files, the greater the possibilities of storing files and installing applications, including games and other entertainment applications. In addition, the undeniable advantage is the ability to expand the basic built-in memory using micro SD cards and external drives;

- RAM - the RAM (Read Access Memory) capacity determines the device's speed. Smart TV will work best if it has at least 2GB space of RAM memory.