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The Raspberry Pi is minikomputer who knows how very much - it supports measuring systems, file servers, controllers, robots, applications, building automation and more. However, the use of “Malinki” can be even more simple and pleasant, thanks to the use of external accessories. In our offer you will find useful accessories in the USB device to the Raspberry Pi, such as, in particular, game consoles, Bluetooth USB Ethernet adapters, USB sound cards, portable Bluetooth speakers and desktop computer speakers. Make sure what we have planned for You!

Replacement Raspberry Pi game console!

One of the most popular projects created on the basis of Raspberry Pi, a game console. To this end, we have developed our offer on Nintendo equipped with buttons and a cable with a USB connector, thanks to which you can connect it directly to the Raspberry Pi. Dedicated RetroPie operating system, running games, recreated with the emulator, and originally developed for previous versions of the console Nintendo. In addition, in our offer you will find also other real item of nostalgia for old computer games - the case SNESPI CASE for the Raspberry Pi, based on the original station for Nintendo console.

Practical external USB Device for Raspberry Pi

Ergonomics and ease of use has an effect on your efficiency, so you should choose the right keyboard and mouse to the Raspberry Pi. In our offer we have standard keyboard wired or wireless using Bluetooth or radio module operating at 2.4 GHz, depending on model. During playback of multimedia files such as movies and music, you need to connect voice - to this end, we prepared a proposal sound card with advanced interface that allows playback and recording of audio files in high quality, and sound systems, including portable Bluetooth speakers that are a very good option if you travel frequently.