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Are you familiar with all the ways Raspberry Pi can be used? In fact, its potential is still being discovered, new areas are emerging where the famous Raspberry works perfectly. It is perfect for building automation systems, but also for measuring systems and robot controllers. Moreover, it can be used every day as an alternative to a classic PC or tablet. Raspberry Pi is also a good partner for developers who are just starting their fascinating adventure with programming, as well as for those who already know this area well and want to realize more and more demanding projects. Raspberry Pi is designed to connect various kinds of extra peripherals to it. This enables expanding its capabilities and adapting it to work in specific conditions and achieve the intended goals. We connect them to the board using, among others, USB connectors. Apart from the keyboard and mouse, Raspberry can also include a sound card, game console, speaker and USB Bluetooth module. However, these are not all the capabilities of Raspberry Pi. Take a look at our offer and see how else you can use your microcomputer.

Raspberry Pi for players, fans of powerful experiences and the fascinating virtual world of their heroes

Not only children and teenagers play games. It is an entertainment that attracts a lot of interest also among adults. Board games are still a great way to spend free time, but it is the game consoles that provide them with a strong experience and adrenaline. With Raspberry Pi you can create a game console for yourself and your loved ones. This is possible with Nintendo game consoles, which you will find in our shop. They have all the necessary buttons and are connected to the board via a plug. That' s what makes it possible to connect the console directly to the Raspberry Pi. With the dedicated RetroPie operating system, it is possible to run games that are played back with an emulator and were designed specifically for the original Ninendo consoles. The SNESPI CASE housing for Raspberry Pi, which visually resembles the original station we associate with Ninendo consoles, may also be an interesting choice.

That' ll come in handy! USB devices for everyday and special purposes

Raspberry Pi is used not only by players but also by developers, robotics, installers, constructors and fans of music and good movies. Raspberry has a very diverse group of fans who have different interests and hobbies and have found support in their projects. If you are looking for additional devices for Raspberry Pi, take a closer look at our range of keyboards and mice that connect to the board wirelessly or via USB, depending on the model chosen. They will be useful in everyday work, especially keyboards with properly profiled buttons to improve the comfort of work. For playing movies and music, the Raspberry Pi keyboard with additional function keys will come in handy. If you care about high sound quality, a sound card with an extensive interface is a good choice. It will allow you not only to play videos, but also to record them. In such a situation you also need loudspeakers, on which depends how well the sound will be heard and how high its quality will be. Our shop offers speakers with parameters that meet the expectations of the most demanding Raspberry Pi users. If you want the speaker to perform its function also outside the house, e.g. during an open-air meeting with friends, a holiday trip or during a trip, then decide on a Bluetooth wireless model.

Check out our wide range of USB devices for Raspberry Pi. These include game controllers, speakers, TV tuners, sound cards, and controllers for remote control. Enhance the capabilities of your Raspberry by adding practical peripherals that can be easily and quickly connected directly to the board or via Bluetooth wireless technology.