Keyboard and mouse for Raspberry Pi

When thinking about computer ergonomics, as well as its capabilities and extra input devices, the first thing that comes to mind is the keyboard and mouse. These are peripheral devices, without which it is difficult to imagine using a computer. Depending on what you use your Raspberry Pi for, they may also be irreplaceable and necessary. Raspberry has a very wide range of uses, it is a great device for programming, it is used in robotics and electronics, in automation of intelligent building management systems, but also in everyday use, it can replace laptop and PC. Mouse and keyboard are basic input devices. We offer models showing compatibility with all generations and models of Raspberry Pi microcomputers. They are available in many variants, from simple and universal to advanced and with additional features. Apart from individual devices, our shop also offers kits with keyboard and mouse in the same style.

Products by page

Products by page

How to choose the right keyboard for Raspberry Pi?

Which keyboard works best depends to a large extent on the purpose of Raspberry Pi, which is how you use it on a daily basis and what it is used for. If you're a fan of computer games and you spend your free time beating your opponents and passing levels, then a backlit keyboard with a reinforced construction is a good choice for you. It impresses with its impressive design as well as its above-average durability. Your Raspberry Pi is the device on which you play music and watch movies? Then opt for a keyboard with additional function keys. You can use them to control the parameters of the media you are playing. You can use them to pause a movie, go back to a specific moment or play it again.

You can also connect the Raspberry Pi to a large TV monitor, so you can enjoy the experience and excitement of an extensive home media center. You can watch a movie or photos on a bigger screen. If you care about the convenience of this solution, please check out our wireless keyboards for Raspberry Pi. If you use your computer often and spend several hours a day using it, you need a comfortable keyboard that minimizes the risk of pain or even injury to your wrists. We offer keyboards with a special curved key structure. They also have a surface that allows you to position your wrists comfortably.

Keyboards and mice by Raspberry Pi Foundation, the original products for Raspberry Pi!

Peripheral devices should be perfectly matched to the Raspberry Pi in order to work with it properly. It is essential that they match its working conditions and thus do not impair its performance and efficiency. For this reason, official keyboards and mice designed and manufactured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a manufacturer of single disc microcomputers, will be the best choice. They are distinguished by their characteristic white and red colours, which allow to recognize original accessories for Raspberry Pi. There are 78 keys on the keyboard, operating with a membrane mechanism. As far as their layout is concerned, it is very similar to that of most keyboards we use for laptops and desktops. The keyboard has excellent key action, which makes it more comfortable to touch. The dedicated optical mouse, on the other hand, has Omron buttons and a scrolling roller. Both the keyboard and the mouse have a cable with a USB connector. With this cable it is possible to connect peripheral devices directly to the board.

Select individual peripherals or opt for a complete set. Adjust the keyboard to the specifics of your work and the purpose of Raspberry Pi.