Keyboard and mouse for Raspberry Pi

Keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used input devices of a computer. If you need to replace the keyboard on one that will more than meet Your preferences, take advantage of our offer. Before you can choose the keyboard that you've satisfied your choice depending on what purpose you use your computer. We offer mouse and keyboard can also operate with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi. Some models are equipped with a touch panel, which can be found in most laptops.

Products by page

Products by page

What guided the selection of the keyboard?

If you're a computer games maniac, you should choose the keyboard, backlit keys, secure, more durable design compared to conventional keyboards. For users who use the computer mainly for entertainment purposes, i.e. play media files such as music and videos, a good option is the keyboard has special function keys designed to control media playback, in order to, for example, to stop and resume the movie. Using a computer connected to a large TV, we have to choose the wireless keyboard. The computer used in many fields as a tool for work - if every day you spend many hours in front of him, it is better to choose a keyboard with a characteristic curved structure of the keys along with the surface allows you to comfortably lay on her wrist. This will impact positively on the performance and ergonomics of Your work and make it less tiring for Your hands.

Official keyboard and optical mouse suitable for the Raspberry Pi - you'll find us!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, in addition to minikomputerami and highlighted them with lining Hat, has also developed a special keyboard and mouse optical in colors white and red. The keyboard has 78 keys on the mechanism of membrane and has a very similar layout of keys in most keyboards found in laptop and desktop computers of class PC. This is another embodiment of a keyboard for the Raspberry Pi compared to the previous versions, the manufacturer has taken care of even better action keys, making them pleasant and comfortable to the touch. Keyboard we recommend you to purchase a discrete optical mouse, equipped with high quality Omron switches, and a roller for scrollowania. As well as a keyboard for the Raspberry Pi, the mouse has a cable USB connector which you can connect directly to the Raspberry Pi.