Computer networks

In this category you will find a network equipment such as routers, switches, amplifiers, wireless network and Ethernet cables cables & connectors network. We offer products, is characterized by good balance of price and performance, so they are used not only breeders-Amateurs and professionals. The store Botland you will find products, characterized by different technical parameters, so the choice of a particular model, no problem.


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Products by page

Products by page

The most popular network devices

Our range includes, high quality routers are characterized not only small in size but, above all, functionality. This type of device support even a very fast network, and in addition, they are equipped with firewalls to ensure safety. In addition, we also offer extremely useful communicators equipped with a large number of ports and control function. Moreover, a wide operating temperature range this type of equipment ensures smooth operation in almost any conditions. In Botland store you will find Ethernet cables in different colors and different lengths. In addition to cables, we offer, also the cable that is Packed in a cardboard box for easy carrying. Our assortment includes amplifiers for the wireless network, is useful not only in homes but also in public buildings.

Other network products

In this category we offer the outlet network, which can be installed directly on the plaster. You can buy models with one or two inputs RJ45 characterized by various categories, including instances designed for high-speed computer networks. Shop Botland available is also extremely useful connector, designed for connecting cable RJ45, 8P8C, different gold-plated contacts that ensure high quality of the connection. In our assortment you will find the compact adapters are designed particularly for mobile devices such as phone, laptop or tablet, without built-in RJ45 port. Such products, in addition to the increased functionality, they also offer fast data transfer up to 1 GB/sec.

Other network devices

In our offer we have a quality tester network cable RJ45 and coaxial G248. Thanks to this device, to test the effect of the above-mentioned wires, in the case of possible problems quickly zdiagnozujesz malfunction. In this category you will find some network devices such as straps display features gold plated contacts and network card USB that are compact and high performance, thanks to which the maximum speed of the wireless network can be several hundred Mb/s.