Electrolytic capacitors THT

Electrolytic capacitor THT - IN this category we offer high quality electrolytic capacitors made of TNT. This electronic components for many years find use in systems performing the function of a power supply or voltage regulators. Very often become the main elements of the electronic circuits of the filters, passive or active, perfectly resist interference arising, for example, in systems with electric motors, and also used in many other places. We have electrolytic capacitors from 0.47 µFdo 4700 µf voltage 16 V to 100 V.


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Electrolytic capacitor TNT

Electrolytic capacitor is an electronic component whose design is based on the use of the electrolyte, the material of one of the two plates (conductors) separated by dielectric. The electrolyte most often in the liquid state (but may be constant), and the second electrode is often made of aluminum is the most popular, like electronics, are likely to have in mind in speaking of kondensatorze elektrolitycznym. However, it may be that the component with a liquid electrolyte, a constant and tantalem as the cover. It should be borne in mind that these elements only work if they are properly polarized. They are well suited for use in a wide range of temperatures, able to maintain the value of the power voltage in the device and to withstand a temporary current of great intensity. Through the use of the electrolyte, the electrolytic capacitor is able to attract a large volume of relatively small size.

What are capacitors?

Capacitors is an essential element during the design and construction of voltage regulators or power supplies. These elements make that the instantaneous voltage remains constant between the current pulses from the rectifier. In transformer power supply especially often used electrolytic capacitors of large capacity. Capacitors are perfect as well as components of action przeciwzakłóceniowym. Together with the terminal they are based in the belt system (RC system) or filters passive and active - for example, in the amplifier. You can easily find them, for example, motherboards of desktop PCs. In digital circuits, the current consumption may suddenly change even by several orders of magnitude - in this case, the capacitor filters voltage variations. In such places, as a rule, components are used maximally small in size and big opportunities - this principle fit perfectly that is electrolytic capacitors, which are offered in our store.

Our shop offers you in this category? - The range of capacities and voltages

Our electrolytic capacitors in this category have been made in technology THT (capacitors przewlekane). This electronic components that fit very well in many devices. We offer capacitors in sizes from 5 to 16 mm in diameter at the base and 7 to 25 mm the height of the cylinder. Capacity depends on the size of components - we have a broad range of capacitors of different capacitance: 0.47 µf, 1 µf 2,2 µf 4,7 µf, 10 µf, 100 µf, 1000 µf, 22 µf, 220 µf, 2200 µf, 330 µf, 47 µf, 470 µf, 4700 µf. Due to the fact that we sell them in large quantities - price per item is very low.