LED light bulb

Who has not heard about LED lighting today? LED lighting technology is very simple, practical and effective. In this category, we present the highest quality LED lamps for various applications.

You can check out LED spotlights as well as desk lamps that look impressive. Cow more, in this category of the Botland store you will also find devices that can be powered with energy from USB sockets in the computer (5V) and models that can be connected to a standard wall socket (230V). USB lamps are very comfortable and their great advantage is that you can also use them outside the home, on a trip or camping. The same can be said about LED lamps powered by electricity from batteries. Botland offers both equipment useful in everyday life (flashlights, desk lamps) and devices that can be a perfect complement to equipment for electronics or robotics (workshop lamp, USB lamp). Some LED lamps connected to an electrical socket have built-in motion detectors, which allows them to turn on automatically. They can also be useful as additional accessories complementing the security systems of the garage or other rooms.

Depending on the selected model, the LED lamp will be a useful device or an interesting accessory and gadget - see our LEDs below!


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Products by page

Products by page

LED lamps – types and parameters

LED lamps are a very popular solution, but before choosing it, it is worth carefully checking the parameters of each solution in order to choose the device that best suits our needs. In Botland, we offer devices such as LED bulbs on a USB cable. It is a very functional, practical, portable source of constant and energy-saving light. You can easily power them - all you need to do is connect the USB cable to a computer or other device (a power bank will work well when traveling!).

Other products, such as LED working lamps with hooks, are perfect for working on the car in the garage. If at night, after waking up, you do not like to turn on bright lights, but it is too dark in the hall - you can install a LED bedside lamp. This device plugs directly into a standard 230 V socket. What's more, you can find in our offer LED lighting with motion sensors included. It is a great solution for the home and as an element of the security system for the garage or workshop. In addition, some lamps can change colors, adjust the light power, and even control from the application on the phone via a WiFi connection. We also offer an excellent desk lamp, bicycle lamp, LED lamp module on a printed circuit board with a capacitive panel and a lamp operating on solar energy.

LED lighting – perfect solution for electronics, robotics and literally everyone!

Are you looking for an interesting alternative to traditional, larger lamps? No problem!

Check the LED lamps, which in terms of size and shape resemble a narrow pen. Also check the lights on the long USB cable with only a few narrow LEDs at the end. They are perfect devices that will come in handy in times where the working space is small. With these devices, you can illuminate places that are difficult to light.

Many of our products in this category can be safely used for specialist purposes. For soldering on printed circuit boards - as well as for mounting circuits - bent USB lamps will work great. Strong LEDs are placed at the end of an easily deformable arm leading to the USB socket. The advantage of this type of product is that you have great opportunities to precisely direct the light beam. We should also remember that LED lamps are naturally very strong and bright.

Not only lamps – small, yet effective LED flashlights

Are you looking for a flashlight that takes up little space but gives a lot of light? Do you care about high product quality and low price? The choice is simple - buy a flashlight in the Botland store!

In the LED lamps category, we have also prepared LED flashlights for you. Here you can find flashlights of various shapes and light output - for example, 15 lm, 55 lm, 110 lm, 150 lm or even 300 lm. These are excellent, universal devices that will work well during a trip in a cave, as lighting for cleaning in the basement or on vacation in a tent in the forest!

You can use the products presented here for many various projects! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!