LED small lights

Flashlight and torches based on the energy-saving LEDs.


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LED light bulb

In the category of " LED Lamps are prepared, among other things, led lights are LED. Here you can find a flashlight different shape and strength of the light flux, for example, 15 cm, 55 cm, 110 cm, 150 lumens, or 300 LM. Available as a device in the form of “sticks”, like flashlights, worn on the head, that is, the so-called “elite”. This is a great, versatile devices that are suitable for excursions in the cave, as the extra coverage if it turns out to deal with riots in the basement or on vacation in tents in the woods. We also offer devices such as Led lights on the USB cable. It's functional, portable and energy efficient DC lighting, which you can easily recharge (e.g., mobile device powerbankiem) and use in many situations. LED working lamp with hooks is ideal in the course of work, in the car, in the garage. If at night after you Wake up you don't like to turn sharp light, but the hall is too dark you can set yourself a nightlight, LED. It is a device that connects directly to a standard outlet 230 V - we have models that respond to the signal from the motion sensor, it is possible to change the colors, adjust the strength of the glow, and even control apps on your phone via a WiFi connection. We also offer gorgeous table lamp on the bike, the module LED lamp PCB with panel, capacitive and lamp running on solar energy.

Lamp great for electronics (and not only)

The range of lamps Led lights that size resemble a pen. These are great devices that are useful in the moments in which the working space allows little space. For soldering on printed circuit boards will fit perfectly bent light bulb for USB - strong LEDs located on the end of easy odkształcalnego shoulder leading to the USB connector. With their help easily nakierujesz the amount of light in the fragment of circuit Board which you have to solder. We also have the same model lamp with a flexible shoulder and a built in magnifier which is perfect for people with visual impairments or simply for those who are going to solder small parts, manufactured in the SMD technology on the printed tracks on the Board PLC.

All these products can serve as a great help, for example, in Your project or robot-like lighting of the workplace. You, too, successfully of their functions for various other purposes, we offer here, first of all, products that do not require knowledge of the principles of electronics, robotics or programming.