Camera to Arduino and Raspberry Pi

A small camera modules and camera allow, in particular, to the automation of control processes of production in modern factories. They can also be a perfect tool for carrying out research on artificial intelligence, or just make any project using the web camera. Our product range includes a wide range of cameras, among other things, a small camera with CMOS sensor, camera with built-in systems of intelligence, thermal imaging camera, fisheye night vision camera adapted for night work. The proposed models are adapted to work with popular minikomputerami such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino.


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Products by page

Products by page

Camera to Arduino and Raspberry Pi

In our store we offer more than 80 types of cameras for various applications. Here you will find the equipment for professional use, and modules that are ideal in prototypowaniu or small projects, student. These devices are well suited to work with popular tiles, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Webcams are commonly used components in complex devices from the field of robotics.

What today give us the cameras?

Currently, the cameras are at every step, and the effects of their work is used every day. Almost every smartphone has at least two cameras (front and back of the machine), and the current technology has enabled such a degree of miniaturization that is possible there are already projects that involve the placement and hiding them in długopisach or, for example, the eyeglass frame (like those offered Snapchat). In large cities, most public places are constantly monitored cameras kits. Created special applications for Android or iOS, such as Aipoly, which, in theory, designed to help the blind. The device uses a camera and processes the observed pattern to your format, and then compares it with its database and returns the response in terms of the vision of the subject. Company Var Unit created a system of technical vision Surveily, which works on the basis of artificial intelligence. With the help of the camera system can simultaneously recognize that many individuals with a single image, analyze the image to locate face features, and then process this information on your format and look for similarities with database. All this happens in a very short time and very effectively. Currently, such systems are introduced to plants (for example, to automate maintenance staff), and in the future can be introduced also in public places, for example, to help prevent terrorist acts.

What do we offer?

In our assortment you will find intelligent image sensors, due to which the robot will be able to search for items. We also have camera modules of artificial intelligence, sets the technical vision for specific robots (for example, for a robot, uArm Swift Pro) webcam CMOS (used in the control of production, or, for example, in SLR cameras).

Most of the anecdote to be used for communication via UART, SPI, I2C or USB. We even prepared a module with an infrared camera that can detect light in the IR band from 8 to 14 microns. We also offer a web camera, the price of which is much lower - ideal for use in specialized projects. Using such components, for example, you can build your own camera, the robot uses a video surveillance system.