Multiplexers are electronic components that serve as elements of digital and analog elements. Thanks to the use of such solutions in electronics, it is easy to increase the number of inputs (e.g., microprocessor). The multiplexer has the infrastructure to service several connected signal generators (e.g., sensors) using a single control signal which will ultimately be returned through the device of a separate output. Our store offers a wide selection of multiplekserów analog in PDIP (SMD - surface and TNT - przewlekane) with 4 to 8 channels and a wide range of modules with digital multiplekserami from 2 to 8 channels.


A multiplexer works like a switch has several or even several dozen inputs for signals, address inputs and one control input and one output. Regardless of the type of device, the connection scheme is very similar - it differs primarily by the system and the number of inputs. Each multiplexer of this type is the control input, the output (there will appear a feedback signal), terminals for connecting the signal generators (e.g., sensors) and enter the address. A multiplexer is a switching systemthat is designed to back the value of the signal from one of the information inputs which an index has been defined using the control input. Multiplexers can also work as demultipleksery. This means that one output, you can connect as many signals as the device has specific channels (multiplexer), or you can display as many signals with only one contact (name). It is worth remembering that this type of device work when connected to the current parameters and the parameters of the output signal can't exceed.

What we offer in this category?

In the multiplekserów analog and a few digital models. Analog devices is available in versions for mounting of SMDand THT is the price of such devices is lower than services that multiplekserów analog. Digital multiplexers, in most modules with a ready-made terminals in the form of contact pads by, for example, in wlutowania goldpinów. The device can be used also for digital signals (e.g., I2C or SPI). We have multiplexers - between the other 2-bit, 4-bit and 8-bit. One 8-channel device has an output I2C bus, which allows you to change the address, which in turn allows connection of up to 64 I2C devices.