Digital switches

The Department, which includes modules with switches, managed digital signatures based on MOS transistors (from the English. Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor). Travelers, switches, welcome to our store Botland. We offer a wide range of buttons and switches at competitive prices. The range includes switches adapted to digital technology Grove, Gravity DFRobot, Adafruit and adapted for mounting on printed circuit boards, contacts. Many options and fast delivery ensure a successful purchase.


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

Digital controllers based on MOS transistors

In our store under digital switches, receive switches, built on the technology of MOSFET. This production technology of field-effect transistors with insulated gate gates and circuits of integrated circuits. Currently the main technology used in the manufacture of most chips is an element of the CMOS technology. We have a wide variety of switches and buttons are of high quality at convenient prices.

What is CMOS technology?

CMOS (eng. Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) technology for manufacturing integrated circuits, in General, digital devices composed of MOS transistors with different method of guidance, and United in such a way that when they are in a consistent logical state, current conducts one of them, while the second does not. This leads to the fact that the system is statically not getting any power, and the current from the power source flows only during the switching. Then, for a short time, the current conducted by both transistors.

Our offer

Our technical team ensures to provide our customers high quality products. Our section leadership is responsible for their low price, in turn it made everything that is presented in a readable format and organized in logical categories. We want customers to come back to us, and it is for us the biggest motivation for hard work every day. Digital switches and hundreds of other products welcome to Botland!