Raspberry Pi sound card and HiFiBerry

Did you know that you can use your Raspberry Pi to create an extensive entertainment center that will produce nice sounds that will delight not only the average music lover but also the demanding audiophile? You will need a sound card and microphones dedicated to Raspberry Pi, which you can find in our shop. For those who are not satisfied with the image alone, especially if you use Raspberry Pi to watch movies or music videos, the sound is simply necessary, in some productions even more important than the image. You will find everything you need to create your audio system in our offer. Enjoy high quality sounds, clarity and very good parameters necessary to record ambient sounds. Yes, Raspberry Pi can not only play music, but also record everything that happens in the environment. Such versatility of the microcomputer makes it a popular choice among programmers as well as fans of good music and exceptional entertainment.


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Products by page

High quality sound with the Raspberry Pi sound card

You don't need any expensive hardware that needs to stand in a soundproofed listening room. You also don't need tube amplifiers that deliver high quality sound. You can build your private media center using the Raspberry Pi and a sound card, which is necessary in this case, without it it is impossible to play the sounds. Sound cards feature very good A/C and D/A converters. They have powerful Class D power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers. Moreover, you can expect precise sound quality, which you will surely appreciate if you are a fan of good music and also have very sensitive hearing. The Raspberry Pi is small in size, just like the dedicated audio amplifiers. However, from a small board you can gain 60W of power in two channels. Speakers with an impedance of 4 Ω to 8 Ω can work with the sound card.

Did you know that Raspberry Pi is capable of reacting to sounds coming from the environment. Moreover, these are sounds from any direction. The sounds are heard through six MEMS microphones type MSM321A3729H9CP. The Raspberry Pi intercepts sounds within a radius of up to 3 meters, which extends the possibilities of your media entertainment center.

Turn Raspberry Pi into a HiFi music player

You can use the Digi+ version of the HiFiBerry music card, which is inserted directly into the GPIO connector. It is compatible with the Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3. It is equipped with an I2S bus connection and has a resolution of up to 24 bit. It has an S/PDIF optical output and an electrical output. You can connect the Raspberry Pi to the amplifiers and power directly to the GPIO bus.

Raspberry can be connected directly to the router or use WiFi technology. First, however, the Raspberry Pi must be connected via Ethernet. But to get a beautiful sound from Raspberry, it is necessary to configure it. In Audio Output you can select the audio output. Having HiFiBerry card you should choose sndrpihifiberry. The audio volume control is set in Volume control mixer. By default the hardware mixer will be set, but it does not work with all converters. If you have any problems you should switch from a hardware mixer to a software mixer. You can also turn off the mixer, but in such cases you will only be able to adjust the sound volume on the amplifier.

The Raspberry Pi with the sound card has many useful features. With Volumio you can set the resampling of songs in real time. In Services management you will control the network functions of Volumio, and in Sound quality tweaks you will find a set of kernel parameter settings.

Raspberry Pi will bring a fantastic musical experience. Build your own entertainment centre using the sound cards available in our store.