Raspberry Pi sound card and HiFiBerry

Raspberry Pi sound card and HiFiBerry - we All know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But whether silent way attractive enough? Of course, not as the image with high quality background music, which sounds can go with Your Raspberry Pi. Enough that you will be one of the sound cards available in our online store. We have everything you need for the construction of high-class audio system – how to reproduce superior-quality sound, and for recording noise even in six channels simultaneously!


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Products by page

Products by page

Raspberry Pi sound card and HiFiBerry not only for music lovers

When we hear about high quality audio equipment in the first place leads us to believe audiophiles with their unimaginably expensive sets of equipment, special wiring and wygłuszonymi premises odsłuchowymi. Excellent sound quality, however, can go not only from heavy tube amps, but also a home media center based on the Raspberry Pi. Sound card intended for this platform have excellent speakers, A/C and C/A, niskoszumne amplifiers and powerful amplifiers in class D. a Series of products HiFiBerry , provides the highest level of accuracy of sound reproduction, and their attractive rates, friendly person with a limited budget for the construction of audio.

In all directions

Raspberry Pi audio applications it is not only the music and video quality HiFi digital audio card. It is also the program of artificial intelligencethat is capable of responding to sounds gathered from the environment, in addition – from any direction! Let your "malinke" the ability to hear surrounding sounds with the help of six modern microphones MEMS type MSM321A3729H9CP. Tile ReSpeaker support services such as Alexa Amazon or the Assistant Google, intercepting signals within a radius of three meters.

Raspberry Pi is gaining momentum party

Don't be fooled by the small size of the Raspberry Pi and is allocated for audio amplifiers. Thanks to the use of high-performance integrated circuits (IC) amplifiers operating in class D, nothing prevents that from small tiles might even 60 WATTS in two channels. Sound card HiFiBerry Amp to use the speakers, ensuring max. output from 4? to 8?, so you are not limited to the characteristics of existing columns. Music experience at your fingertips!