Brushes and brushes ESD

Models CMOS small transistors and field and many other elements of the solid state (including LEDs of high power) are particularly sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD. Discharge – ESD). Due to the fact as installers and service engineers electronics and electronics involved in the start-up and measurements permitted the use of open electronic systems should always pay special attention to ESD protection. You should know that it is not enough to use the anti-static Mat, grounding clamps and protective footwear and apparel. Important are also the instruments used, for example, for cleaning. In this category you will find brushes and ESD brush intended for cleaning and washing delicate electronic components.



Electrostatic discharge is the silent killer of electronics

Electrified various materials, in particular clothing, this is the key problem of every electronics. The main reason for the formation of static charges is friction – in the case of clothing is inevitable – and opportunities arising of the aggregates of the load may reach several or even tens of thousands of volts. If the energy stored through a naturally occurring static charges are often too small to be noticeable for humans, but for thin circuits integrated circuits (mainly inputs) can be fatal. However, the chips have a built-in basic security, but even they cannot fully protect a microscopic silicon structures on the voltage level kilowoltów. IP is soldered on printed circuit boards is much safer and, in spite of this, should I be cautious with the installation or cleaning. Therefore, have on hand brushes and brushes ESD, which ensure that any cleaning or vacuum cleaning of printed circuit boards will not end tragically for them.

Plastic brush ESD brush

ESD cleaning tools is made of special type of plastic. Properly selected chemical composition makes it not only electrified but also allow you to safely walk (overcoming) of goods which may occur during the friction of the surface of the PCB. In our range we offer both plastic ESD brushes of different sizes (from the smallest, with the pile located on the surface of 10 x 40 mm, to rather large 67 x 32 mm), and brushes (round and flat). They all have relatively stiff bristles, which, when moderate, soft work, thoroughly removes dirt and consumables or flux residues without damaging the tile and placed her items.

Wooden brush ESD

An excellent choice for fine work (for example, vacuum motherboards of computers and other devices) with a thin brush ESD on a wooden holder. In our offer you will find flat brushes of various sizes from 11 mm (for cleaning in corners, for example, between high capacitors or connectors), mm up to 80 mm. Should be added that, in addition to works associated with cleaning brush is the perfect choice for coating the tiles with a protective lacquer or hand application soldermasek.