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Despite the expansion of mobile devices with batteries – phones, tablets or smart watch – a device still based on conventional, disposable batteries. This applies not only to instrumentation, sensors, alarm systems or a remote control is also a flashlight, rebar photo (for example, reporterskie flash or multiple SLR cameras, the so-called battery handle), and even multimetry and portable oscilloscopes today extensively use classical batteries of different sizes. In other categories of our shop we put in particular, the "fingers" (L)R6 (L)R03, while the other batteries are not suitable for these groups – you will find it here.


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Voltage, capacitance and size, then there is an eternal compromise

For each power supply designer must choose a compromise. With the increase in capacity and nominal battery voltage or the battery inevitably increases in its size – it is the so-called energy density, which determines how much energy can accumulate in a given volume or mass per unit source. This means that, for example, the capacity of a small battery with 12V voltage is very small, but much more power can deliver large flint in 8 times more low voltage. In turn, the capacity of this energy source is described as the time during which the element, battery, or the battery will be able to deliver a current with a certain voltage – that's where unit capacity (m)A, that is, (Mili)amp-hours.

Batteries for key fobs

The remote unlock Central locking in the car, and also in some other remote controls are extremely willing to use tiny batteries with 12V voltage. Their symbol is stored in the form 23A or A23, you will also meet a variety of other trade names, for example, LR23A or V23. Batteries of this type have a diameter of 10 mm and length 28 mm. Very similar, but slightly less than the batteries 27A – also offer a voltage of 12 V, and their dimensions are 7.7 mm x 28 mm. In our offer you will find also battery CR123A voltage of 3 V and a size of 16.8 x 34.5 mm. Should know four times lower (compared to the A23 and 27A), the nominal voltage, and slightly bigger dimensions lead to a significant increase in capacity of this type of batteries, capacity up to 1400 mAh.

Other batteries in the store Botland

In our offer you will find also other types of batteries. Once enjoyed great popularity large batteries (units) salt of designation R14. Their substantial diameter (~26 mm) and length (50 mm) means that they were readily used, especially in latarkach. Also today, you can find on the market many devices that use these batteries and their large capacity allows long enjoy the work of a flashlight or electronic toy. In our assortment you will find reliable alkaline battery LR14, technology and Duralock batteries normal saline Panasonic.