Microcontrollers STM32

License to use the cores developed by ARM, bought all of the largest manufacturers of integrated circuits. Especially wide portfolio is in this range company ST Microelectronics, which is one of the first manufacture of microcontrollers based on a 32-bit architecture. The advantage of the STM32 chips is a high computing performance, a wide range of superbly designed blocks, peripherals, and excellent support, both from the documentation and software libraries, and plates and kits for the evaluation of the most interesting representatives of separate families of microcontrollers of this series.

STM32 – wealth back and huge processing power

The STM32 microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM cores. First released on the market the family of these processors – STM32F1 – based on the ARM Cortex-M3, yet – on the new cores, e.g., ARM Cortex-M4 and M0 if M0+. Modern processors STM32F7 was based on the core ARM Cortex-M7, which is currently one of the most powerful and technically advanced architectures used in mikrokontrolerach. Layouts STM32 offer a wide variety of analog devices, including quick Converter ADC with bit depth of 12 bits and a sampling rate of 1 msps to or more converters DAC (12 bit) or faster Comparators equipment. Among digital devices replace the need, for example, is very flexible (and numerous!) timers, hardware, rich set of communication interfaces (USART, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN, USB including OTG – Ethernet). One should not underestimate the universal blocks with memory controllers, DMA, or control system of the arrow and reset (RCC) and monitoring the system clock (CSS), and additional controllers to control LCD and camcorder or graphics.

Case and memory STM32 – there are plenty to choose from!

A particularly important advantage of the STM32 family is a wealth of buildings and built-in Flash memory and RAM. In some families (e.g., STM32F0) there is a tiny, 20-pin TSSOP20 case whether WLCSP25, but the most popular system in package LQFP32, LFQP48, LFQP64 and LFQP100 – they are found in almost all product lines STM32 family. The most complex systems – in particular, belonging to the families and STM32F4 STM32F7 – in addition, in buildings LQFP144, 176, or 208, and UFBGA and TFBGA. Even the microcontrollers of this series happens in the same enclosure, you can buy often in several versions with different amount of memory (Flash, RAM), and – of course – the price.

Microcontrollers STM32 the store Botland

In this category you will find several very popular models of STM32 microcontrollers, happy to be used as the plates of the survey, and in the end devices, serially produced for many companies. And so, in our offer are available from the arm MCU STM32F1 belonging to different subgroups of this series: F100 and F103, equipped with a large amount of Flash memory (16, 64 to do128 kB) and RAM (4, 8, or 20 KB). We chose version two of the most commonly used buildings: LQFP48 and LQFP64. You should know that in other categories of our shop you will also find dedicated for STM32 programmers/debuggers, tile estimating and books that will allow You to quickly begin your adventure with these sophisticated systems.