The remaining modules for the Raspberry Pi

Right from the very beginning of the launch of Raspberry Pi the producer has been very popular among DIY enthusiasts and programming fans. The news about the new microcomputer quickly reached the world of people longing for the latest technology. The manufacturer is successively introducing new models, each is a different, improved version of the popular Raspberry. Raspberry Pi can serve as an alternative to a computer intended for everyday use, as well as an element of intelligent home lighting or a weather station. Moreover, it works well in the environment of players who are looking for strong impressions and adrenaline. We present a range of special modules for Raspberry Pi, which may interest players as well as DIY enthusiasts and experienced scientists. The products available include Picade Arcade Machine building kits or GertDuino boards, using which you can create an extensive development platform. We also offer modules of logical level converters from SparkFun, which are responsible for the proper functioning of devices of different standards.

Products by page

Products by page

Raspberry Pi modules for game fans

Do you enjoy entertainment at a really high level and at the same time you are a fan of games from a past era? Are you fascinated by the world of retro games? Are you a master of slot machines? That's wonderful, since there are special modules for Raspberry Pi that you can use to build your own Picade Arcade Machine. This is a great offer for those who spend their free time playing on the computer and on the console. The sets contain all the necessary elements to create a slot machine based on Raspberry Pi. The controls use buttons and joysticks, exactly as in games from the end of the last century. The Picade Arcade Machine has a 10" display and a 2.5" 3W 2.5" speaker, which provide a unique experience for both normal gaming and special effects. When it comes to the console housing, it is made of fibreboard, which has been additionally powder-coated to protect its surface, but also its aesthetic qualities. The installation will be assisted by an instruction manual, attached to the kit. The installation will take up to 3 hours, which makes it an interesting experience, especially for DIY enthusiasts.

Extensive development platforms and logical level converters for Raspberry Pi

The modules for Raspberry Pi available in our shop are not only dedicated to retro game fans, but also to other DIY enthusiasts and Raspberry users. We highly recommend, for example, the logical level converter modules from SparkFun. They are designed for bi-directional change of logical voltage levels. They allow for proper operation of devices that are characterized by different standards. GPIO connectors in Raspberry Pi are adapted to 3.3V. If you connect a device that requires 5.0V power supply, there is a risk of damaging Raspberry. The 3.3V power supply of the Raspberry Pi is caused by small microprocessor circuits that have forced certain restrictions. However, this does not mean that Raspberry cannot be modified in this respect. Due to the logical level converter modules from SparkFun we can connect external devices of different voltages to the Raspberry Pi without the risk of damage to the equipment or malfunction.

The next module we offer for Raspberry Pi is GertDuino, which is a board based on the Arduino Uno construction, allowing you to create an extensive development platform. You will gain real time communication between the two boards if you upload the program stored in Raspberry Pi memory directly to the GertDuino board. What does the board include? It includes a reset button and two programmable buttons, an Atmega328 microcontroller, six LEDs and an RS232 voltage level converter. We can connect an emergency power supply battery to the board and also connect it to the on-board infrared receiver. The module works very well as a real time clock.

The system can function as a precise real time clock, has the ability to connect an emergency power battery CR1025 and cooperates with the on-board IRDA receiver, allowing communication via IRDA protocol.