Raspberry Pi Hat - sensors

The Raspberry Pi is really an extremely intelligent device which, despite its small size, has great potential for very challenging projects. The Raspberry Pi is used for both simple and extremely advanced work in robotics, electronics and programming. An interesting feature of the Pi is the possibility of using sensors, which allow the microcomputer to recognize and detect the presence of people and other living organisms, such as animals. Moreover, it is thanks to special Raspberry Pi HAT overlays that the microcomputer can monitor specific process parameters and convert them into digital and analogue signals. If you are looking for sensors that are best for the beginner DIY enthusiast, it is essential to start with light intensity or temperature sensors. You will quickly discover how much you can do with them and with the reliable Raspberry. If you are already a more advanced DIY enthusiast and are looking for something new, you would like to test sensors with completely different possibilities, then decide on intensity or gas sensors. However, you do not need to focus only on one sensor, as the overlays you can find in our shop are equipped with several different sensors on one board.

What are the Raspberry Pi HAT sensors capable of?

The selection of sensors is enormous, which allows you to adjust them to your individual project, as well as discover Raspberry anew. A very interesting solution is a sensor that detects hand movement both in the air and in contact with a specific surface. It will react if we move our hands on the surface or tap on it with our fingers. Using the Flick overlay, we can control the Raspberry Pi with our hands. The great feature is its ability to track hand movement in as many as three dimensions. It is also easy to connect to Raspberry while the Plug & Play function allows you to use it immediately after installation. You can try it out sooner than you can imagine. You'll get even more from dedicated overlays. You can control the volume of your audio or video game with a ready-made program. All with movements of your hands in the air. Some people find it hard to imagine, so it's worth exploring the magical possibilities of Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Shake modules are also valuable. They are equipped with seismograph functions. It is a device responsible for the detection and recording of earth shocks occurring in its shell. This is especially interesting for explorers of interesting phenomena on our planet. Raspberry Pi overlays can detect shocks up to 10 km from the overlay, as well as remotely up to 400 km from the overlay. This is a very large area, which provides great opportunities to study unusual and less frequent atmospheric phenomena. The modules can communicate with other sensors via the Internet.

The Matrix Creator overlay is a total solution. It is a developmental board with pressure and temperature sensors, a gyroscope and many other useful features. These types of sensors, as well as all the other ones you can find in our shop, are designed both for students and for experimenting for DIY enthusiasts, as well as already experienced scientists for high-tech projects.

Discover our Raspberry Pi Hat sensors

Our shop offers a wide range of overlays, equipped with various types of sensors. This way you can create a weather station as well as decorative lighting for your bedroom or living room. You also have the chance to learn more about atmospheric phenomena that were previously inaccessible to you and to equip your entertainment centre with an advanced volume control system using hand movements. Raspberry Pi Hat sensors are the perfect solution for homes and public buildings, as well as for people who are fascinated by the smart devices that are capable of more than the average person. It's hard to imagine that we could read air humidity or locate shocks in the earth's crust...and Raspberry Pi can!