Raspberry Pi Hat - sensors

The sensor device take into account the possibility of detecting the presence of people and animals, as well as changes of controlled parameters of technological process, turning them, respectively, into analog signals and the digital read input of the microcontroller. Thanks to offer us nakładkom sensor, Raspberry Pi Hat, you can quickly and effectively make the measurements You are interested in physical quantities. For beginners, it is best to start an adventure with sensors temperature and light intensity, and at a deeper wtajemniczeniu, should be to stretch the distance sensors, the presence of gases, power, pressure, sound intensity and other more advanced. Our assortment includes plates, containing several different sensors on the same Board - check our offer!

Gesture recognition with a Raspberry Pi using the overlays Flick

The hand movements in the air, and moving, and the sound of fingers on the surface, can be used to control the Raspberry Pi using special pads flick. Panel tracks the hand movements in three dimensions, and then there is the real magic! Thanks to the Plug & Play functionality and a simple interface, you can start to use the pads flick immediately after connecting to the Raspberry Pi. Special libraries with ready-made programs that will allow You to discover the abundant possibilities of this pads with the help of air motion near Hat FLIC or FLIC Zero, and you will be able to control the volume of audio, and even video games on the TV screen!

A versatile lining, technology-enabled IoT

Even more features will provide You to experiment with modules Raspberry Shake, included the role sejsmografu device for detecting and recording tremors of earth's crust. Lining from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, is able to detect aftershocks of the nature of local (within 10km from the pad) and a remote (within a radius of 400km from the pad). The Raspberry Shake is able to communicate via the Internet with other impact sensors. In turn, the Matrix overlay Creator is a complete solution in the form of plates of the development containing the sensors of temperature, pressure, gyroscope and many other useful systems, peripheral devices. Pad Creator was created as an accessible tool that introduces in the world of IoT, the idea of students, scientists, majsterkowiczach and other people who want to learn the practical basis of interaction device sensors via the Internet.