Raspberry Pi Hat - extenders findings

Computers jednopłytkowe Raspberry Pi owe their immense popularity not only high computational power, attractive hardware and the same attracting price. One of the key benefits Malinki is a cult, czterdziestopinowe GPIO connector, which is a link between worlds wysokopoziomowych operating systems and low level electronics. Often, however, we need additional interface between the heart of the Raspberry Pi processor SoC, and an aggressive environment slim systems, electronic.

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Products by page

Raspberry Pi Hat – one-to-one

The simplest form of relief themselves working, while connecting Raspberry Pi to external electronics is the use of transition plates. It may take the form of narrow plates for printed circuit BOARDS with additional goldpinami and walkways, ensuring the accession of their own items directly on Board of our computer. Pinowi each connector is responsible, that one track on the PCB of the module. In other versions trade together with the fee, we get a ribbon, AWG28 with female connectors IDC40, which allows connection to the Raspberry Pi's own plate, located somewhere near the computer – not necessarily, but right on top of it, as is the case with most overlays Raspberry Pi hat.

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If the number of lines in the original GPIO connector of the Raspberry, we're just a little, come to the aid of extension modules conclusions. They are special memory chips via the serial interface – often SPI or I2C – allow to expand bank conclusions I/o additional lines. An example is the Waveshare Series Expansion of the HAT – plate for Raspberry Pi contains the layout of the SC16IS752. Its mission is to empower computer two additional UART interfaces, and eight GPIO lines that are configured through the I2C bus.

Extra functionality? Why not!

In addition to the simple lines GPIO expanders insights in the overlay the type of hat available in our online store, add to your Raspberry Pi many useful functions, even more clearly, increasing its capacity. Regardless of whether we need an additional four USB ports, a 16-bit Converter analog-to-digital, or sets of relays for controlling large loads, high voltage power supply in Botland store you will find everything you need for a new project using the Raspberry Pi!