Raspberry Pi Hat - connection

The Raspberry Pi may be a simple minicomputer that will work well for everyday use. It is also used to learn programming, as well as in the field of robotics to design and create high-tech robots. Raspberry is a perfect fit for modern systems, being the centre of intelligent house management and lighting in the building. Due to special HAT overlays from Raspberry Pi, it is possible to create a real control center with exceptional system management capabilities. It is the overlays that enable the connection of various types of peripheral devices and thus the expansion of equipment with any functionality. This offer includes HAT overlays for Raspberry Pi that are communication-oriented. This is a very important aspect, as it determines to a significant extent how well Raspberry will cope in the environment chosen for it. It is crucial that all components work together correctly, and that the hardware reacts to its user's commands. This is the only way we can speak of the success that we have achieved by creating our own project.

Products by page

Products by page

Remote communication with IoT overlays

Today, remote control of devices and systems in some areas of our lives is standard. We are used to the fact that we can manage certain processes from a distance of several meters or even several kilometers. Also in Raspberry Pi you can use overlays to enable remote communication. LoT LoRa Node pHAT overlays are designed for this. With them you will create a network that will allow you to control many physical processes via the Internet. It is great for controlling lighting in a large building, but also in a smart home. You can program the system in such a way that the light will light up at the indicated hours. You can also set the response of the light to environmental conditions. This means that it will light up when it is dark outside. The loT overlays have a low energy consumption, making the system energy efficient, which translates into lower electricity bills. What's more, you can use photovoltaic panels to power them, which is a free, renewable energy source like the sun. The loT overlays available in our shop can be used in practically all Raspberry Pi models.

Waveshare overlays for Raspberry Pi

In our shop, apart from loT overlays for remote control of systems, you will also find Waveshare communication overlays that demonstrate Raspberry Pi compatibility. They are equipped with a GNSS module, which has an antenna connector, supporting the LDE CAT4 standard. The overlays, similarly to loT, are characterized by low power consumption. Moreover, the modules can be combined with traditional PCs. Using GSM and 4G networks, it is also possible to integrate them into the communication, allowing to make two-way voice calls as well as sending SMS text messages. Waveshare overlays support many protocols, such as TCP, UDP, DTMF, HTTP and FTP. They also work with location systems. GPS coordinates can be obtained via the on-board USB interface. Moreover, communication is also possible via the UART interface. You can connect cards with a supply voltage of 1.8V or 3.0V to the SIM card slot. The built-in controller allows you to switch the jumper on the PCB.

Raspberry Pi Hat is a series of overlays with different purposes and features. As a result, Raspberry gains new functionalities and can be adapted to specific conditions and design requirements. You can find communication overlays in our shop, which allow you to configure Raspberry with other devices and systems. It is possible to manage them remotely with loT overlays or with the use of Waveshare communication overlays. All of them are available in our offer. An interesting solution is, for example, a speech recognition module, as well as a module with artificial intelligence, showing the ability to detect faces.