Raspberry Pi Hat - controllers, motors and servos

Raspberry Pi with its additional equipment and peripheral devices can turn into a real advanced system for managing a large electronic project. Popular Raspberry is used not only to teach programming and hobbistically by robotics enthusiasts, but also to create practical applications to improve daily activities, work and operations. This is possible thanks to special overlays, with a keyboard and display. It is a series of Raspberry Pi Hat overlays, which differ in the type of display, so that they can be perfectly adapted to the specific project. You can choose between a push-button interface or an E-paper display, or the popular LEC or OLED. All our products are compatible with Raspberry Pi. Overlays are also characterized by the presence of dedicated programming libraries, so that launching the overlays is quick and easy. Similarly, installation of overlays is a task that even a new friend of Raspberry can handle.

Types of displays in Raspberry Pi Hat

Our products include overlays equipped with LED display, which is currently the most popular type of display commonly used in much larger devices, such as TV sets. It uses LED technology, which means that it is built with many light-emitting diodes. They are semiconductors of optoelectronic devices. Their advantage is high versatility, they will work well in many different projects. They guarantee a good image quality practically in all conditions, both inside and outside the building. Due to the fact that there are diodes in one emitter in three basic colours, composing pixels, it is possible to obtain many colours through various combinations of existing ones.

Another type of display is OLED, which is made up of organic light-emitting diodes. Their big advantage is a huge contrast, which results in very good image quality. Moreover, it boasts a wider viewing angle than LCD displays. The OLED matrix also has a lower response time. Some people may find the OLED displays' considerable advantage in their small thickness.

You will also find E-paper displays in our shop. They are based on a matrix, in the form of a liquid film layer, which contains negatively or positively charged microcapsules. These types of displays enable to display the last saved content infinitely, this is also possible after disconnecting the power supply. Furthermore, they are characterized by a compact design, low power consumption and simple use. What deserves attention is also very good visibility and readability of the content regardless of conditions. The image is also visible in bright sunlight.

Sense Hat overlay with practical functions

Those who are looking for a really interesting solution for their project and want a multifunctional overlay, should opt for Sense Hat. It is characterized by its small size, but it has many features. It features a sensor to measure ambient temperature, humidity and pressure, as well as an 8x8 LED matrix and a push button joystick. Furthermore, it provides a 3-axis MEMS gyroscope, which can be used to quickly and accurately determine the coordinates in space for an object that is equipped with Raspberry Pi. This will be useful, for example, to create a robot whose location you will be able to determine without any problems, as well as to measure its speed. The built-in LED matrix will display the measurement data provided by the sensors. You can program the overlay using the dedicated Python library.

Develop a unique design with Raspberry Pi Hat overlays. You can choose from a wide range of possibilities, including overlays with various accessories, displays and keyboards. All of these are easy to install and program.