Grove series

Series transducers Grove are characterized by similar connectors that are compatible with plate Grove Base Shield to the Arduino and Grove Pi+ Raspberry Pi.


  • Grove - starter kits Grove - starter kits

    The sets created for easy and quick absorption of knowledge in the field of electronics. Grove contains everything need You or Your nearest in the study. We offer kits for both beginners and advanced.

  • Grove - base shields Grove - base shields

    In this category you will find lining the overwhelming expand the capabilities of the core platelets. Compatible with both Arduino and Rasperry Pi. Allow the series connection of sensors series Grove.

  • Grove - accelerometers and gyroscopes Grove - accelerometers and gyroscopes

    The modules enable the measurement of linear acceleration and angular position. Equipped with various sensors. Compatible modules with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. They all have output Grove.

  • Grove - actuators Grove - actuators

    In the category are devices (drives) from the Grove, Arduino-compatible, m. in particular the turntable motor and the electromagnets. They can be used as a striking design element.

  • Grove - gas, dust and air quality sensors Grove - gas, dust and air quality sensors

    The sensors are suitable for the system Grove . The perfect choice for those who value health. In those days, where air pollution is a huge threat is to use sensors, which allow in a simple way to examine the quality of the surrounding air.

  • Grove - medical sensors Grove - medical sensors

    Easy to use, provide a pressure measurement, muscle activity, electrical skin resistance. Designed for all who care about herself and her family, I want to independently control the condition.

  • Grove - distance and motion sensors Grove - distance and motion sensors

    Designed to measure distances, as the feeling of presence by movement or gestures. Sensors are used in everyday life and in the Sciences. Read non-verbal signals that help to determine human behavior.

  • Grove - current sensors Grove - current sensors

    The sensors, allowing to measure the current. Control the value of the resulting currents in the various circuits. Hall sensor available in this category finds application in the automotive industry, m, in particular, in the ABS systems. Its function is the measurement of the...

  • Grove - temperature and humidity sensors Grove - temperature and humidity sensors

    In the category are the sensors designed to measure environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity and pressure. You can create interesting projects, not only in the work. Series transducers Grove can be used also in our homes.

  • Grove - force and limit sensors Grove - force and limit sensors

    Designed to measure pressure, define the end position. Compatible with most modules, including, of course, with the most popular tiles Raspberry Pi, Arduino. Perfect for all DIY.

  • Grove - light and color sensors Grove - light and color sensors

    Sensors and modules for measuring the intensity of light. Provide infrared light detection, UV, visible, and UV radiation. Simple maintenance of the sensor guarantees that even a beginner will cope with them advice.

  • Grove - LED module Grove - LED module

    Modules to control colored LEDs. In addition, you can control the brightness of the LEDs.

  • Grove - encoders and potentiometers Grove - encoders and potentiometers

    Products stored application in many areas of everyday life. Clearly define the position, status and in what direction and how many turns were made. Ideal for use, for example, radio, computer mice, etc.

  • Grove - converters and transducers Grove - converters and transducers

    The modules provide signal conversion so that you can connect multiple devices using different communication interfaces. Of course, every lover of electronics will find the right product for yourself from the available in our offer.

  • Grove - communication modules Grove - communication modules

    Modules for data exchange with a wi-fi network, a Bluetooth communication on a certain frequency. There is a destiny in the projects with Arduino plates, etc. communication Modules can serve several channels at once.

  • Grove - sound modules Grove - sound modules

    Sensors that detect sound intensity of the environment. Can generate different sound effects. Thanks to the simple combination, you can run many devices controlled by sound. Products are compatible with most of the modules line, including Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

  • Grove - covers and accessories Grove - covers and accessories

    Designed for series modules Grove, to cover smaller elements. You will also find application in the stocks of Lego and Makeblock. In a simple and quick way you can combine the following elements. Interesting colors allow you to distinguish where the module was hidden.

  • Grove - relays Grove - relays

    Thanks przekaźnikom can control actuators that are used in the project, so they are incredibly popular. In our offer you will find relays both single-and multi-channel.

  • Grove - connection wires Grove - connection wires

    Cables from the Grove were selected for modules in the same series. Thanks to them, sensors, controllers, etc. can use even people who do not know how to solder. Enough much more the cable in the selected module – just like LEGO blocks.

  • Grove - buttons, keys and joysticks Grove - buttons, keys and joysticks

    Buttons and switches is an essential element of many projects. This is one of the simplest electronic components, with their support, of course, to handle even a lover. Large selection ensures that everyone will find the suitable model for yourself.

  • Grove - motor controllers Grove - motor controllers

    In this category you will find simple motor drivers and servos. They will allow the implementation of many projects to life, no soldering, just plug Grove.

  • Grove - sreens and displays Grove - sreens and displays

    Many projects can't do without display, which shows measurement results of sensors used. In our assortment you will find the LED displays and OLED, and also matrices, all with the Grove connectors.


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