Electrolytic capacitors SMD

Electrolytic capacitors SMD electrolytic Capacitors are widely used electronic components. The undoubted advantage of such elements is their very small size (relatively high capacitance). Another advantage is the low serial resistance and low inductance consistent. The capacitor should be connected to circuit in parallel, then it will load in the process system, and in the case of reduction or complete disappearance of the voltage will give a previously accumulated energy.


RLC - Tolerance
RLC - Resistance
RLC - Capacity

Electrolytic capacitors SMD

The capacitor is electronic component constructed from two conductors separated by a dielectric. In the case that electrolytic capacitor, one of the electrodes is an electrolyte (a substance capable of ion battery conductivity), and the second electrode is made of metal (e.g., aluminum). We offer electrolytic capacitors SMD (English: surface-mount devices) - electrolytic capacitors designed for surface mounting. The device is made of components that use this technology are usually small in size. For soldering SMD components at home very good soldering iron with Hot Air function.

The use of electrolytic capacitors

Capacitors-electronic components that are used for various tasks, but most often associated with filtering of signals from noise , or if the rectification of AC voltage to DC. In such situations, very often manifests the property of electrolytic capacitors, which famously suggest filtering low-frequency and high-their weakness. This is exactly the opposite ceramic capacitors (which do an excellent job with high frequencies), so, building a filter is to use both types of capacitors. When installing the element in the chain need to remember that electrolytic capacitors should be connected according to their polarity. The connection of the capacitor in the wrong direction (against polarization) will result in damage to the object or even its explosion.

SMD capacitor and more - What we offer?

Our store offers electrolytic capacitors SMD capacity is 4.7 UF, 10 UF, 22 UF, 47 UF, 100 UF, 220 UF and 470 UF. The products in large containers sold individually, while the rest we offer in sets of 5 identical items, so the price is even more attractive than she is. Our capacitors are designed for use with voltages of 15, 25, 35 or 50 V, and the maximum working temperature must not exceed 85 °C. the SMD Capacitor is an element which is useful in many electronic projects.