Series Grove for Arduino

All active lovers of technology and structural design based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi looking for ways to save money on your prototype production or science. In Groveyou can count on full compatibility with minikomputerami, attractive price and good quality. These are products with very high shelves, which have been evaluated by users around the world!

Products by page

Products by page

Grove sensors – Arduino and its endless possibilities

The range is available in this category multiple configurations. We have, in particular, compatible sensors, buttons, wires and many other gadgets, due to which automation of premises or real estate will be simple and inexpensive. We, in particular, temperature sensors, humidity and air cleanliness.

Grove, Arduino offers much more functionality than simply improving the comfort of the household. An example would be the pulse sensor of the human heart with a clip on the ear, which can help or even save the lives of people with health problems. Capabilities of Arduino and other minicomputers are endless, so use them in structures designed to help injured or sick people.

In this category you will also find kits that introduce users to the world of IoT - Internet of Things. These are the proposals compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, so everyone will find the accessory to suit your individual needs. We offer controllers, touch buttons, sensors, wires, rozgałęziacze signal and the RFID readers.

Focus on quality and proven solutions

Series Grove willingly choose professionals with extensive experience, and for lovers who are just starting the adventure with Arduino. She enjoys popularity around the world, so we ensure that also will work in Your workshops.

Series transducers Grove are not an independent platform for programming. Are the components compatible with Arduino. If you need for your projects database in the form minikomputera, you will find them in other categories We prepared a lot of interesting extensions that should satisfy the most demanding and experienced designers, developers, and designers.