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Do you use Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards? Are you a DIY enthusiast who enjoys experimenting and developing new systems and projects from electronics? Or maybe you are a professional who can provide some people with intelligent lighting in their houses or a weather station that informs them about the conditions outside? In either case, you may need the Grove system, which is very popular among amateur and professional DIY enthusiasts. It gives you the chance to implement your further demanding project and increase your construction capabilities. More than 150 different Grove modules are available to you, which were created by Speed Studio. As a result, you can choose from a number of interesting offers, which meet your design objectives and maybe even completely change them. The Grove system can be an interesting inspiration, it has already changed the concept of creative DIY enthusiasts many times during the creation stage. Check out our offer and see what we have for you to further enrich your unique project.

Products by page

Products by page

Explore the Grove system better

Never heard of it before, you don't know it, it's a totally new thing to you? The Grove system is very popular among DIY enthusiasts, although not everyone has yet had the chance to use it. If you haven't tried it yet, this is a good time to catch up. The Grove system is modular and dedicated to prototyping electronic devices. Its distinctive feature is the standardization of the connectors. ARK and Molex are the most common ones used in Grove. The modular character of the system consists of blocks, which we connect with each other using compatible connectors. This is a major benefit, as no soldering is necessary. No contact plates with jumpers are necessary either. Thus, assembling the blocks is much easier and faster than in any other similar solution. That's why the Grove system is recommended even for beginner DIY enthusiasts who are just starting out with Arduino or the famous Raspberry. At the same time, this characteristic feature is appreciated by experienced professionals, who can complete more demanding and extensive projects within a shorter time and with less effort.

The Grove system consists of a core (base overlay) and a branch (one or more overlays) with a module controlled from the base overlay. The overlay usually contains a microprocessor, responsible for connecting the controlled module. Grove modules differ from each other in their construction and additional functions, which results in their purpose. Each system is designed to work well in a specific area. Our offer includes Grove modules, which can be used with both Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards. It doesn't matter what solution you use. How to connect them with each other? Connect a dedicated 4-pin Molex adapter to the 4-pin connector. This way you can send specific messages.

Grove systems offer

We support both beginners and already experienced "players". Our shop offers a Grove system, letting you embark on an inspiring DIY adventure, as well as systems that make it possible for any experienced electronics enthusiast to complete a technologically advanced project. For beginners we recommend starter kits, consisting of: base module, light sensors, temperature, connection cables, display and additional accessories. Choosing Grove Protoshield board, you can build interesting devices based on your own design. It can be, for example, a system for measuring voltage or current. Before you run the module, check the supply voltage. If it is not properly adjusted, the module may not work correctly, which is the cause of its permanent damage. Grove systems require a +3.3V or +5.0V power supply.