Power generators

Power generators - Renewable energy sources (hereinafter RES) are one of the hottest topics in the modern energy industry. The possibility of obtaining the supply voltage from the energy of wind, sun, water or geothermal sources not only saves reducing in an alarming rate of natural resource deposits, but also – and probably primarily – improving the state of the environment nadszarpniętego after 200 years of technological development. However, the recovery of energy (eng. energy directory harvesting) is also useful in even a small home devices – for example, smart taps. For these (and many other) applications, you can apply available in our store generators.


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How it works turbine pump, as an electric generator?

The principle of operation of the turbine is similar to the Bicycle Dynamo or a wind turbine, so in this case, electrical energy is converted to kinetic energy of the mass of water moving turbine blades. Turbine, and in combination with generator – generator, on the construction a bit close to the DC motor. The rotation of the rotor causes causing winding of the generator voltage proportional to the current flow rate of water (expressed in litres per minute (l/min). Small generators are the source of electricity in places to which it would be difficult to bring mains supply, and can even pose a danger to health or life (risk of electric shock, for example, in the case of possible damage of insulation).

Potential applications of generators

Available in our range of power generators can be safely used in many interesting applications, ranging from educational institutions. After all, nothing works on the imagination as the experiments. Using a small, low voltage current generator, can be easily and visually show the kids how to operate the system of energy recovery of different phenomena – in this case, with the movement of the water. Another, more practical application will be all sorts of " smart solutions in a hydraulic system. Smart faucet that measures water flow and alerts you of any excessive wear or detects a need to start the water flow? Maybe smart lighting shower or the radio turns off automatically after unscrewing the water in the cabin? The possibilities are many, and their implementation depends only on the imagination of the designer. Electric generator might be the ideal solution in many different projects.

Generators the store Botland

In our offer we have placed two models of water generators. The simplest way to SEN0229 company DFRobot provides output voltage of 5 V (with flow rate of 4l/min) and maximum current up to 150 mA. Working pressure can reach 1 MPa. The generator provides a stable output voltage, which greatly facilitates integration with the system powered off. Another interesting module is the water current generator with a lithium-ion battery is 250 mAh. Built-in battery maintains the system power at times when the flow through the turbines is too low to provide enough energy to power the running layout.