Power generators

Renewable energy sources (RES) are one of the hottest topics in modern energy. The possibility of obtaining the supply voltage from wind, solar or water energy or geothermal sources allows not only to save the rapidly shrinking deposits of natural resources, but also to improve the condition of the natural environment, so far damaged by 200 years of technological development. However, energy harvesting is also useful in even small home devices. Even small devices will be useful both economically for the family budget and good for the environment (an example can be not only photovoltaic installations, but even smart taps and lighting).


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For the above and many other applications, you can use power generators available in our store. Power generators efficiently generate the electricity needed to power individual devices. They are also devices that will surely come in handy when doing DIY and developing new DIY projects. Be sure to check out all of the products below!

Why it is worth buying a power generator?

The power generators available in this category can be safely used in many interesting applications. All kinds of intelligent solutions in the hydraulic system will be practical application. A smart faucet that measures the water flow and alerts you to excessive water consumption or detects the need to start the water flow? Or maybe intelligent lighting for a shower cabin or a radio that turns on automatically when you turn on the water in the cabin? There are many possibilities, and their implementation depends only on the constructor's imagination. A power generator will be useful for all of the above applications and many more. An electric generator can prove to be an ideal solution in many different projects. In addition, the purchase of such a generator also has many educational functions. It is known that nothing works better on the imagination than experiments. With the help of a small, low-voltage power generator, you can easily and graphically show children how energy recovery systems for various phenomena work.

How does a water turbine work as an electric generator?

The principle of operation of a water turbine is analogous to that of a bicycle dynamo or wind turbine. The main difference is that in this case the kinetic energy of the water masses moving the turbine blades is converted into electricity. The turbine is coupled to the generator. This generator is then a generator with a structure somewhat similar to a DC type motor. The prime mechanism of jet action The rotation of the rotor induces a voltage in the generator windings which is proportional to the current water flow velocity (expressed in liters per minute - l / min). It is worth knowing that even smallpower generators are an excellent source of electricity in places where it would be difficult to connect the mains supply. What's more, sometimes, in some circumstances, it is not possible to use the classic route, because it could pose a threat to health or life (risk of electric shock, e.g. in the event of possible insulation damage). Then also power generators come with a solution!

Try the best power generators now!

We put two models of water power generators in this category. The simplest of them - SEN0229 provided by DFRobot - offers an output voltage of 5 V (already at a flow of 4 l / min) and a maximum current of up to 150 mA. The working pressure can be as high as 1 MPa. The generator provides a stabilized output voltage, which greatly facilitates integration with the powered system. 

Another interesting module is a water generator with a 250 mAh lithium-polymer battery. Due to the fact that this model is equipped with a built-in battery, it is possible to maintain the power supply to the system without problems when the flow through the turbine chamber is too low to provide enough energy to power the cooperating system. The next noteworthy feature is the current function generator (DDS FY6800), which enables the generation of voltage in a sinusoidal wave in the range up to 20 MHz.

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