Wire Grove

Wire Grove

Starting your adventure with the world of electronics, it's worth a look in the system Grove. Especially, if the development of systems-based solutions Arduino and Raspberry Pi we want to make a project without spending a fortune. Reaching for the Grove system we can count on good quality at an affordable price and full compatibility with mikrokomputerami. The system Grove offers everything you need - all you'll find in our online store Botland! Make a purchase from the comfort of home.


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System Grove

This system has long been appreciated by users around the world, so in our online store we have a wide range of elements of system of the Grove, including starter kits designed to facilitate quick and easy learning electronics, having all that you need to start your adventure with the construction of the projects. Lining the base is a category, with which you will expand opportunities base plates, interacting with the Arduino, like the Raspberry Pi. Wire Grove all you need to connect accessories to the rail.

Why choose Grove?

The first and perhaps the most important argument in favor of the Grove is its compatibility with mikrokomputerami Arduino, Raspberry Pi or BBC micro:bit. All modules Grove are standard connectors, eliminating the need for soldering or insertion into tiles contact connection is solid and reliable. The wires are added in Grove sensors and modules already in the time of their purchase. In our store you can buy all sorts of cables and adapters.

An extensive system

Through the Grove we have access to his catchy accessories modules give us the possibility of equipping its own system in various kinds of sensors, e.g., weather, lighting, air quality, and even health. We have the use of sound modules and connections, LEDs and displays, wire Grove, accelerometers, gyroscopes, relays, or controllers, motors and servos, and the motors and servos. As you can see, this system is very extensive and offers us a complete range of products, thanks to which we can plunge into the world of electronics.