Power Supplies for Arduino

Electronics provides us with a great possibilities, and intelligent miniature computers can replace us in our daily activities, offering a wide sense of the word automation. However, we present an element without which no intelligent system will work correctly and effectively – power supplies for the Arduino is a basic issue that all constructors should take care of.

Arduino power supplies - bet on the best quality

Design based on Arduino can work using batteries that will supply energy to them for a certain time. Unfortunately, at some point you will need to charge them with the cable and electric current. In assortment of our shop you can find everything you need to design mobile and stationary structures. We rely only on well-known manufacturers that guarantee quality, on the top shelf, which will meet the expectations of the most demanding DIY enthusiasts – after all, the small elements form a wonderful whole, improving the comfort of our lives.

In the Botland shop, you can find both two-piece power supplies (like power supplies, portable), and one-piece power supplies that look more like the charger for the old phone models (e.g. Nokia) – using anti-overvoltage strips, there is no problem with using the second group of products, which are usually much cheaper. If you want to obtain energy directly from the source, it is worth using more advanced products that will protect the system against overvoltages that could cause damage.

Renewable power sources for Arduino

However, not every system is located in close proximity to a power source, so you should make use of the available possibilities. In our shop, everyone will find special overlays that allow the use of solar energy and solar cells. It is a great choice for those designing weather stations and small controllers dealing with minor garden tasks, such as regulating the working time of sprinklers.

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