Particle IoT

IoT Particle - Particle Minikomputer this is another offer IoT platform. Its origins date back to 2013. The aim of the designers was to create a tool that will facilitate people building IoT devices. Technical solution provided by the manufacturer of the platform allow you to create relationships between various physical objects on the mobile network and wi-fi. Our range of product Particle includes a high quality special modules, extensions, accessories and add-ons for IoT applications different degrees of modernization.

IoT what is the Internet of things?

The origins of the IoT technology, and go back to the first half of the nineteenth century, when the telemetry – technology that area which is remote execution of measurements. In the 90-ies. Of the twentieth century there was yet another development of telemetry. Machine-To-Machine (M2M). Soon later, because in 1999 the term Internet of Things (IoT), i.e. the Internet of things. This technology is gradually developed – wired connections began to be replaced by wireless. The use of computers and radio stations became popular, and over the years, getting the best cost solution. Even the ubiquitous mobile touch, combined with relevant software applications is also device related to elements that make the Internet of things.

Versatile and easy to use starter kits Particle

In our product range include starter sets of Particleswhich enables You the knowledge of IoT technologies in practice. The kits have a number of elements required to create various projects. Particle printed circuit Board equipped with a microcontroller ARM Cortex M3 processor with a frequency of 120 MHz, and the Broadcom module, responsible for communication with the wi-fi network. The set includes a contact plate, a micro-USB cable and many other items needed to start your adventure with the technology of the Internet of things. The Particle module is also equipped with a switching power supply with an output voltage of 3.3 VDC, the module and radio communication interface for on-Board wi-fi module. The direct connection module for Particle tiles contact facilitates the prototyping process. Your projects you can share in the Internet cloud Particle Cloud, and in addition, on a regular basis to carry out the software update Your tile Particle.