NXP LPC - Market microcontrollers at a good dominate effective system ARM core. Of licenses allowing the effective implementation of this processor in their own products, used by all major semiconductor manufacturers. One of the most important players here is NXP. Family of microcontrollers the NXP LPC has been developing over many years and as one of the first to popularize the ARM core in various segments of the electronics.


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NXP LPC: the Army less...

Worth a look in our offer that contain miniature computers, accessories, less or more complex modules, constituting the basis for the production of their own projects or even ready device that requires only a properly prepared software. The NXP LPC microcontroller core the ARM Cortex M3 is one of the longest existing groups of processors licensed by ARM. System LPC1347 is one of them – except the 32-bit kernel taktowanego frequency up to 72 MHz, this microcontroller is equipped with a number of main blocks and devices from which you want to replace at least most Flash memory – up to 64 KB RAM – 12 KB of EEPROM and 4 KB, serial interfaces (I2C, SPI, USART and USB) or 12-bit ADC. In our assortment you will find tile OM13045 containing, besides the productive microcontroller – built-in JTAG debugger, you can immediately start working with the module. The plate also contains a mini-USB connector to use as a communication interface of the destination device.

... and the Army is really large from NXP LPC!

If you need large power, will be of interest to You modules with a powerful processor NXP LPC core ARM Cortex M4. A good example is the OM13098 - here we are dealing with acceleration at 220 MHz, a hardware supporting an Ethernet interface or sdio format, but huge as in microcontrollers storage: Flash 512 KB RAM 200 KB (and external Flash and RAM for 128 MB each), as well as numerous extensions available on Board of this device klassificeret tile as minikomputer more than a classic set for development. A number of multimedia functionality to provide additional services, such as high-end digital MEMS microphone, hardware stereo codec with input and output linear and a touchscreen LCD display and a slot for Arduino shieldów gives you the ability to expand the system, motor drivers, relay modules or sensors.

Small is beautiful and efficient

If the device size is a restriction, select the miniature module OM40007UL with a microcontroller NXP LPC LPC54018. Despite the very compact dimensions, the Board is equipped with a 32-bit microcontroller with a clock frequency of 180 MHz, the module wi-fi and a micro USB connector. A huge opportunity to give two of the GPIO connector with a thick step, offering the possibility of expanding the functionality of the module by adding external memory or to use even 10 Flexcomm or serial ports, dual CAN controllers. The module itself has a surprisingly small size – only 56 x 30 mm.