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Power supplies for LED panels

In modern interior design projects, increasingly see the strap and ribbon led. In our store Botland You will find a wide selection of LED lighting and a full range of accessories, including power supplies for LED panels. We have the equipment and / or power ratings from 3 watts to 360 WATTS and the maximum output current from 0.4 A to 30 A. Selecting a power supply unit, which is de facto the most important time of installation ledowej, you should pay attention to its quality. Defective products can cause a surge and damage your LEDs.


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Products by page

Important parameters

Another very important element of power for the LED panels is built-in protection. A good quality UPS should be at least three. First, short-circuit, then overload and overvoltage. This last protects the diodes in the strap, but keep in mind that some power supplies require connection to ground, and to protect working fully. When we pull the safety, let's look at the efficiency of the power supply. The higher the better, because the power supply is less energy to spend. High-end equipment legitymuję efficiency, near 85% or more.

Pick up the power to install

Choosing a power supply, you need to pick up its power to do so, you need to calculate the power of all the receivers. If you do not have the user receivers, which would include power, we can calculate by multiplying voltage and current. Considering the capacity of the receivers should remember about all the elements of the system, like dimmers or controllers. After policzeniu power select Power supply for LED panels with such force, how to calculate it or more. Should do dziesięcioprocentowy stock to not load the UPS is a hundred percent all the time.

Ventilation is the important thing

Creating a lighting system ledowego, you should pay attention to the fact that the PSU had some room to "breath". Any electronic device during the work produces heat, and it is better to provide proper ventilation and free air exchange. Taking care of good dissipation of hot air, power supplies for LED panels odwdzięczą us many years of trouble-free operation. Sometimes manufacturers specify another parameter as MTBF, it determines the average time between failures. The principle is that the higher the MTBF, the better the power supply.