Connectors BLS

Connectors BLS is a family wielopinowych connectors pitch 2.54 mm. They are set on wires and is designed for connection to goldpinów. With simple installation, low price and a wide choice of available connectors, they are used in electronics to connect systems and individual components in the device. Due to the fact that connections of this type can be connected to goldpinów, ideal for use in devices of the prototype, where goldpiny often used as the outputs of modules for developers.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Easy to install connector for goldpinów

Connectors in electrical and electronic equipment is always a critical element of the system. The development of this aspect of the device must be carried out on several levels. Important electrical characteristics such as the number of parting lines and the maximum voltage and current that can have current flowing through it. No less important are the requirements of the mechanical force required for deformation of the connector lock type (if any) and strength, i.e. the maximum number of cycles of connection and disconnection of the connector. Connectors BLS are a great compromise in many of these issues, and simultaneously are characterized by a lower cost. These connectors can work with voltage up to 250 V and the load to 1 A. So it should be enough for most applications. Raster 2.54 mm – compatible with popular goldpinami 0,1” is extremely versatile.

Easy to crimp lugs on the wires

Metal connectors connectors BLS are installed on insulated wires and crimped with a special tool. Contacts these occur in two types – male and female, depending on the connector type, which we want to implement them. Tool-pliers for connectors BLS inexpensive and widely available, what distinguishes this type of connectors other types of connectors, which are often characterized by expensive and complex pincer type tip. After final tightening of the contacts on the wires puts them in the housing, the connectors, where they are automatically zatrzaskiwane.

A wide variety of connectors BLS of different sizes

The assortment of our shop you can find the BLS connectors of different size and type. There are connectors male and female, to be able to connect with the typical goldpinami on the PCB and block terminals female. The housing the connectors are compatible with both types of contacts. Shop Botland connectors are available with different number and configuration of contacts. The smallest connector has two contacts, and the biggest they have even 32. The BLS connectors are manufactured in one - and two-rowed.