Sensors are the main equipment of each system that appears due minicomputers such as Raspberry or Arduino. Regardless of whether they want to create for you simple to use a weather station or a complex system of access in the office, the use of such elements is inevitable.


  • Accelerometers Accelerometers

    Sensors type MEMS for the measurement of accelerations.

  • Alarm sensors Alarm sensors

    Alarm sensors pojawiące not a danger, for example, sound detectors, methane or carbon monoxide, so-called carbon monoxide.

  • 9DoF IMU sensors 9DoF IMU sensors

    The sensors, which use a combination of 3-axis digital gyroscope, accelerometer and compass.

  • Pressure sensors Pressure sensors

    Sensors to measure barometric pressure.

  • Air sensors Air sensors

    On days when air pollution is all the more dangerous, and most people has different types of allergies and diseases of the respiratory system, sensor clean air should be a standard equipment for any office, premises, warehouse, workshop, and even apartments. With this small...

  • Sound sensors Sound sensors

    Sensors that use acoustic waves in the medium.

  • Gesture sensors Gesture sensors

    The sensors detect the movement of your hand.

  • Limit sensors Limit sensors

    The mechanical sensors using extreme position.

  • Gas sensors Gas sensors

    Sensors methane, alcohol and carbon monoxide with accessories.

  • Light and color sensors Light and color sensors

    The sensors detect the surface color and control of light intensity.

  • Magnetic sensors Magnetic sensors

    Magnetic sensor, the so-called kontaktrony used, such as, for example, to determine the position of doors or Windows.

  • Medical sensors Medical sensors

    Kits for measuring the activity of the human body.

  • Pressure sensors Pressure sensors

    The sensors that measure the force of impact.

  • Reflection sensors Reflection sensors

    Sensors slotted and odbiciowe using light for measurement.

  • Distance sensors Distance sensors

    The digital and analog sensors to measure the distance.

  • Inductive proximity sensors Inductive proximity sensors

    Inductive proximity sensors are designed for detection close to metal objects.

  • Weather sensors Weather sensors

    Sensors precipitation, direction and speed wiatruoraz station pogodwe.

  • Liquid level sensors Liquid level sensors

    Sensors that indicate the current liquid level in the vessel.

  • Current sensors Current sensors

    The sensors that measure the intensity of the flowing current.

  • Flow sensors Flow sensors

    The sensors of fluid flow.

  • Motion sensors Motion sensors

    Robots, mobile phones, automation, smart homes, and even monitoring and security of real estate – all these elements have many common denominators, one of which is a motion sensor , which is virtually the basis. If you want to create a unique design, you need to put on...

  • Temperature sensors Temperature sensors

    Thermometers, analog and digital.

  • PT100 temperature sensors PT100 temperature sensors

    Sensors to measure high temperature.

  • Humidity sensors Humidity sensors

    Automation and functional equipment of apartments, workplaces, warehouses or production plants, must be equipped with humidity sensors , which will also provide information about the temperature. These small components and accessories, provide much more features, just...

  • Fingerprint readers Fingerprint readers

    Sensors, the sensitive sensor system of fingerprint recognition.

  • Encoders Encoders

    The dream of robots that will perform for us the painstaking and heavy housework (e.g. vacuuming), until recently only in video technology, however, surpassed the film, because that could be seen on movie screens in the productions of Sci-Fi today is in our homes. We have...

  • Photoresistors Photoresistors

    Sensors in which the resistance depends on the intensity of the incident light.

  • Phototransistors Phototransistors

    Transistors controlled by light emission.

  • IR receivers IR receivers

    Diagrams for infrared detectors.

  • Magnetometers Magnetometers

    Sensors to measure the magnitude, direction and change in the magnetic field.

  • Gyroscopes Gyroscopes

    Sensors type MEMS for the measurement of angular velocity.

  • Sensor KITs Sensor KITs

    Sets the sensors.

  • Grove series Grove series

    A series of sensors and modules with ujednoliconymi connectors which you can combine with minikomputerami Raspberry Pi, Arduino or MicroBit using special overlays.

  • Gravity series Gravity series

    Series transducers DFRobot Gravity are characterized by similar connectors that are compatible with the Gravity plate DFRobot IO Expansion Shield for Arduino

Products by page

Products by page

Create sophisticated designs that will enhance convenience to your life

You can't hide that technology improves lives, and their sensors will be smaller, more accurate and more complex, mankind has great potential for creating systems that will help them take care of their own comfort, and even safety. A good example is, for example, smoke detectors or air pollution, which should be in all rooms, production halls, warehouses, administrative buildings or even in homes. Another example of use of sensors in everyday life and in the conditions of the private, the installation of alarm and monitoring that use motion sensors, light and even sound – thanks to intelligent minicomputers, everyone can build alarm system, the sender of information about the threat to the authorities and the residents or system that allows you to disable and enable the headlight by means of a clap. A few years ago, the presence of automatic cleaner that would perform for us almost all the work was only available in movies, Sci-Fi, but today not only are they on the shelves in all stores with electronic equipment, but you can find them even in supermarkets. All thanks to the large number of additional sensors which react to light, movement, obstacles, etc. Is an element that is in almost all of the hardware, and you can expect that modern electronic equipment will have more of them, because they are often the only way of full automation of many processes.

The sensors used in office buildings and large companies

Simple replacement of work performed by the person, is a great way to optimize costs and time that had still to fulfill with the help of the staff. A technology that uses fingerprint sensors allows, in particular, on the access of some employees in a particular room that has been specially allocated for them, thereby stopping the access of unauthorized people.

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