OLED displays

Graphic screens with energy-efficient matrix type OLED (organic light-emitting diode).


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Products by page

Products by page

OLED technology, which delivers satisfaction

Small display sizes, well proven for all complex projects. They are very thin and lightweight, thereby enable miniaturization of basic elements, minimizing the thickness of the final device and, first and foremost, reducing weight. Users get features such high quality images and works in a very wide temperature range (-20 to +70 degrees). Due to the fact that OLED displays are perfect when designing equipment, whose task will be to work outdoors (when the screen will be subjected to contact with adverse weather conditions), for example, a meteorological station. The range is available in our store compatible with minikomputerami the type of Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

In other categories, we have cheaper products, which are suitable for use in less demanding systems. They include displays of alphanumeric and graphic, which can also be used as a source of information about operation, bugs, or just smartphone.

How to choose the OLED display?

The best decision is very individual, because it all depends on the expected resolution, screen size and type of connectors (e.g. angled or goldpin connectors). OLED displays have, however, a standard operating voltage, which is 3.3, 3.7 or 5V.

In this category you will find, in particular the standard version displays OLED, which is designed for installation in the electronic version that is compatible with minikomputerami, additional modules with buttons and joystick and other functions (e.g., connectors microSD). Every day we take care to ensure that each client can find exactly what looking for for their projects. We guarantee that this equipment is manufactured to the best professionals in the market can testify the high quality of materials and accuracy, which can be seen in every detail. If you don't know which product will be the solution corresponding to Your expectations, we invite you contact – OLED displays they have no secrets from us.