Cameras for Raspberry Pi

Cameras compatible with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi version 3, 2, B+, A+, B and A. the Products offered in this category will allow You to create an intelligent monitoring system or a variety of additional structures, using the camera for the Raspberry Pi. High quality manufacturing of modules and components, miniaturization of equipment and the ease of installation, creates the perfect combination for demanding customers!



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Products by page

Products by page

Systems using the technology of the Raspberry Pi are a great choice for small companies, large enterprises, and home users. What kind of functionality you can expect and what the options proposes the promotion of the products offered? We invite you to see the range of our store!

Professional system monitoring with the camera for Raspberry Pi

Safety is the Foundation – regardless of whether we are talking about the house, the grounds and building of the company. In both cases, it is necessary to acquire video surveillance system offering high image quality and automation so you don't have to constantly monitor what is currently happening in the area, protected places. The use of the Raspberry Pi is a great idea, which can be used to create an incredibly extensive system characterized by such values as:

  • high quality images,
  • high resolution,
  • a satisfactory number of FPS,
  • automation,
  • vehicle motion sensor,
  • the possibility of placing the camera module at night (due to the sensitivity on the radiation of the IR range).

Buying such a monitoring system in the case of finished products, it would be extremely expensive and difficult to install camera for Raspberry Pi is not required in most situations the driver installation, just a simple setup using the computer.

Projects that use the camera for Raspberry Pi are endless, but users only limit is their imagination. Striking examples of this are, in particular, to remotely controlled robots, drones and many other designs which depend only on the skills and needs of users.