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In 2012, the first generation of Raspberry Pi appeared, and the entire world of programmers and DIY enthusiasts learned about Raspberry. It attracted the enthusiasts of robotics, as well as those who are interested in advanced technology. In 2019, the fourth edition of Raspberry Pi was released. This event caused a stir in the electronics and robotics community, as the Raspberry Pi 4B is even more powerful, works faster and its systems are better adapted to work under heavy loads. Moreover, it can be equipped with cameras that will create an intelligent monitoring system based on the Raspberry Pi. We offer a wide range of cameras for Raspberry Pi, as well as useful accessories, necessary for building modern monitoring systems. It is widely used in public places and commercial buildings, everywhere where increased protection against possible burglary and theft is needed. More and more often the owners of single-family houses decide on CCTV systems with cameras. You can create it yourself, using Raspberry Pi microcomputer, cameras and numerous accessories.


  • Camera for Raspberry Pi Camera for Raspberry Pi

    There are many fans of photography, more and more people decide to devote themselves to this unique passion, especially as it is very versatile. You can photograph landscapes and still-life, take a close look at plants or simply dedicate yourself to people, showing their...

  • Lenses for camera for the Raspberry Pi Lenses for camera for the Raspberry Pi

    We have something for microphotography fans, people who love to look at the world from close up, explore it through their eyes, which makes it even more exciting for them. If you belong to them, and you are a lucky owner of Raspberry Pi, you will surely find a lot of...

  • Tape a camera body, for Raspberry Pi Tape a camera body, for Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi is not only a microcomputer for fans of robotics and DIY, for those who train very demanding activity such as programming, but also for those who use it with the camera. This additional device is used in many areas. The Raspberry Pi cameras are perfect for...


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Products by page

Cameras for Raspberry Pi 4B

The Raspberry Pi 4B looks no different from previous versions, but its inside has much more to offer its users. It features a Broadcom 2711 processor with a stable chip, equipped with four 64-bit cores. The operating memory is also faster, so that the device can work better. You can choose from devices available with different memory versions - 1GB, 2GB or 4GB, matching Raspberry to your individual needs and the purpose of intelligent monitoring. In this case, the communication interface is very important, which in this version is clearly more efficient. Moreover, the graphics have been improved, which also affects the quality of monitoring. With these changes to the Raspberry Pi 4B you can connect the camera to the Raspberry Pi 4B and thus create a system that will increase your safety, your relatives, employees and customers.

There are camera modules for the Raspberry Pi 4B that record images in very high resolution. Some models are designed to record in harsh conditions, even in dark rooms, which is possible thanks to high sensitivity to infrared light without filtration. In this case, the monitoring provides very good protection around the clock. The cameras differ in many parameters, including the size of the sensor, maximum resolution of the sensor and the degree of lens focal length adjustment. The camera can also be used for other purposes. This is not only a great element of intelligent monitoring, but also an additional camera for a drone.

Useful accessories for monitoring, based on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi can become a modern system for monitoring the interior of a building and its surroundings by being equipped with special cameras as well as useful accessories that both streamline their work and facilitate installation. Our offer includes high quality lenses that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Thanks to them you can take detailed pictures and record video even in the most difficult conditions. They are also equipped with special mounting holes, which allow you to connect power supply to the backlight diodes. However, this is not everything that Raspberry Pi cameras can offer you. We especially recommend special lenses, which allow for comfortable adjustment of image sharpness. Should you care about proper interaction of Raspberry Pi with the camera modules, it is essential to decide on the USB overlays. You can also mount the camera up to 300 mm from the unit. A special tape with adapters will be helpful.

Use Raspberry Pi to create a modern and smart surveillance system. Equip the system with cameras and accessories that will make your project safe for both residential and public use. The large selection of cameras and accessories makes the system tailored to your requirements, as well as the specific conditions in which they will work.