Camera for Raspberry Pi and accessories

In 2019 held a big premiere platform 4th generation Raspberry Pi. This is the legendary reliable brand of computers smaller than a credit card, which is used by many electronics, robotyków and Amateurs who like to sit on the development of computer systems. The new generation is faster, more efficient systems that ensure the correct operation of computer systems. This category is camera for Raspberry Pi 4B through which you can create modern and intelligent monitoring system.


  • Camera for Raspberry Pi Camera for Raspberry Pi

    Shooting Amateur and professional, as is the case, for example, macro shots of nature, recording the videos in short and feature if the monitor requires the use suitable for this purpose equipment. To this end, we have developed our proposal for lining of the camera modules...

  • Lenses for camera for the Raspberry Pi Lenses for camera for the Raspberry Pi

    Lenses for cameras minikomputera for the popular Raspberry Pi.

  • Tape a camera body, for Raspberry Pi Tape a camera body, for Raspberry Pi

    Camera for Raspberry Pi is a convincing proposal in the application the nature hobbystycznym as a professional. Macro systems, image monitoring, video recording on the road or experimental robots is one of many examples of the use of these cameras. In the case of more complex...


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Products by page

Products by page

Camera and lenses for the system Raspberry Pi 4B

Identical appearance module Raspberry Pi 4B in relation to the previous version is only an appearance. The new version is a new, much more efficient processor Broadcom 2711, which is equipped with a stable system with four 64-bit cores, which can work with frequency up to 1.5 GHz. Had taken a much larger amount of disk space and a much faster memory. The device, affectionately referred to as “Malinka” is available in versions with memory of 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB. There was also a mechanic communication interface and much more powerful graphics. This is of great value if you want to connect the camera to the Raspberry Pi 4B. Due to this, the image will be of a much higher quality, and copying to other media will take much less time.

Modern camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

In your offer we have a wide selection of modules with the cameras for the Raspberry Pi 4B, which, depending on the version of the device capable of recording images of very high resolution and HD quality. The modules were also felt on the infrared light without a filter, that guarantees recording in very dark rooms and at night. Camera, offer in our store that is compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi computers, and they are very easy to install. Depending on the purpose of the device, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the matrix, the degree of adjustment of the focal length of the lens, the maximum resolution of the sensor and a maximum angle. Well-chosen camera module with the lens and allows you to record high definition image quality for video surveillance system, additional camera for drones or special systems for scientific or technical experiments.

Lenses, tape and a box for the Raspberry Pi devices

In your offer we have high-class lens that will allow you to record video or take high quality photos when working with cameras for the Raspberry Pi 4B. Installation of the device occurs instantaneously through simple holes in your workspace, which also allow the connection power for led backlight crystals. In our store you can buy special accessories for your new camera, which allow to effectively control the sharpness of the image with special lenses and special pads USB greatly facilitate the cooperation of units of the Raspberry Pi with camera module. Special belts with adapters makes installation easier, and also allow you to mount the camera up to 300 mm from a single unit.