LCD displays are TFT and IPS

LCD displays - TFT and IPS - If you have ever used a smartphone, tablet or PC with the touch matrix, it is likely to have dealt with LCD display-type TFT, the structure of which is based on thin-film transistors. Such a display can simultaneously perform the function of input device, i.e. to enter the information input and output device to display information output. Along with the OLED technology, TFT LCD technology is one of the najpopularniej used technologies in the field of displays and interfaces. We offer TFT displays can work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and other development platforms for embedded systems. In addition, the product range includes monitors LED IPS, which differ slightly from the version TFT.


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Products by page

The TFT displays - high image quality and low energy consumption

TFT displays are based on LCD technology and allow you to view images in high resolution with strong contrast and clear colors. LCD technology TFT, initiated by IBM, is used mainly in computer monitors, laptops, tablet computers, portable media players, and smartphones. The principle of operation of TFT technology is to control the brightness of red, green and blue pixels using thin film transistors, one for each pixel. The pixels themselves do not produce light, the display uses a built-in TFT backlight matrix LEDs.

TFT or IPS display - what display to choose?

TFT / IPS - the IPS Displays are based structurally on displays TFT LCD screen. The TFT displays, using the technology of thin-film transistors provide a stream of images of even higher quality than traditional LCD displays. In turn, the IPS LCD display, characterized by more accurate color reproduction and very good visibility at a wide angle of view. IPS LCD technology is used in high-performance computers in the classroom PC, tablets and smartphones. If you need laptop or external monitor for the purposes of workers, viewing movies and photos, games and conversations, video, and copy the graphics files, the display with IPS matrix will be for You is definitely a very good solution for more accurate color reproduction and good visibility under diametrically different perspective.