LCD TFT and IPS displays

Displays with LCD screen and TFT LCD IPS with wide viewing angles. Also available in version with a touch screen.


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Products by page

Products by page

Displays IPS – application and characteristics

It all depends on the purpose for which the selected model will be used. Model IPS - is a popular type of display that is used on both mobile phones and tablets, computer monitors or TVs. They compete with a little more than a cheap TN, but wide viewing angles and excellent color rendering allows users to enjoy extremely accurate image.

The IPS displays can be used wherever they are needed – regardless of whether Your goal is to repair the tablet, designing television systems for the car, or make a better design based on the computational power of the Raspberry Pi. For less demanding applications, we have in stock, the store also displays alphanumeric and graphic , and OLED displaysthat will allow you to create the most basic instant message transfer, for example, error information, etc.

TFT, that is, optimization of the thickness and weight of the products

Using the TFT displays, users are able wyszczuplać their designs, and minimize their weight. Its construction is based on thin-film transistors, which allow to achieve a truly deep way that is acceptable to the most demanding visitors. The main advantages of the display TFT is a low cost of production, the brightness of the image that copes even in bright environment and much lower energy consumption.

As you can see, this is a satisfactory solution for all the graphical applications and tools that will be used to obtain an image of high quality. We like the classic models, displays, and touch that will ease the work of users, regardless of whether it is a project designed for private (e.g., construction of meteorological stations, or the smart control panel, estate) or business applications (such as control panel or controller of the work machine).