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Button batteries, sometimes called guzikowymi, particularly readily used in a wide variety of small devices – both mobile and small hardware computers. The range of applications extends from LCD table clock, watches naręcznych and IoT devices, through desktops and controllers, industrial (PLC), to medical devices and sensors telemetry systems. In this category you will find a large selection of battery guzikowych, from the smallest, good, CR2450.


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Products by page

Marking of small batteries pastylkowych

Battery tablets are indicated in different ways that should be applied over the manufacturer standard. Interestingly, the batteries of the same size (diameter and thickness) and the same voltage (1.5 V or 3 V), can get a completely different trade names. For example, the popular button batteries used in hearing AIDS, in General, is denoted by the number 675 – can be, depending on the manufacturer, called the PR44, B6754, DA675, B900PA, AC675E, or HA675. At first glance, may create a misconception that this is diametrically different batteries, so you should always make sure that of the dozens of symbols used battery with the same dimensions. Even a cursory knowledge of the item much easier to buy.

Button batteries from the family of CR

The situation was somewhat better in tablets from the CRxxyy – xx refers to the diameter of the battery (in millimeters), and yy is the thickness (expressed in tenths of a millimeter). And so are most, perhaps, popular battery, readily applied, in particular, in many watches and calculators, is marked CR2032, which means its diameter is 20 mm, in turn, the thickness is 3.2 mm. exactly you Should pay attention that this type of battery works for the vast majority of desktop motherboards (and not only) as a supplementary power source of the latch memory Bios. This battery is also found in almost all modules RTC hours (for example, Raspberry Pi) and in centralkach alarm, sets the examination with mikrokontrolerami has a built-in RTC and many, many other devices. Similar, but slightly thinner, there are other batteries-pills from this family – CR2016 (1.6 mm thick) and CR2025 (2.5 mm thick).

Battery tender pastylkowych store Botland

In this category you will find a wide selection of batteries pastylkowych in different sizes and with different voltage. Most popular CR2032 battery we are designed by leading manufacturers such as Maxell, Sony, Duracell, GP or EverActive. In the battery group 20-mm, we also CR2016, CR2025, and the list of "big" battery guzikowych closed 24 mm CR2430 and CR2450. Offer small batteries, in particular, models such as AG10 (LR54), AG13 (LR44), AG3 (LR41, SR41) or AG4 (LR66). You will find here are also great batteries, used in hearing AIDS: 312 (PR41), 13 (PR48) and the tiny battery with a marking of 10 (PR70).