Battery 9V (6F22)

We offer 9V 6f22 batteries made of 6 AAAA cells. They are connected in series and then closed in a metal casing. The batteries have 9V power and are disposable. We can distinguish several types of 9V batteries, which differ in capacity. Among them are: 6LR61 (alkaline batteries with capacity of about 565 mAh), 6F22 (zinc-carbon batteries with capacity of about 400 mAh), ER9V (lithium batteries with capacity of about 1200 mAh) and 6LP3146 batteries. Batteries 9V 6f22 can be used only once, they are not suitable for recharging, so after using them you have to dispose of them in an appropriate way for disposal. It is best to use specially designed containers. All our 9V 6f22 batteries have the same 9V voltage and are enclosed in standard PP3 enclosures. They differ only in their material and capacity. Check our offer and find the batteries that best suit your device and its technological requirements.


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9V 6f22 battery construction

Among the 9-volt batteries we can distinguish two most popular and most used types. Both are disposable batteries and are 6f22 and 6lr61. As for the first battery, it is zinc-carbon and its capacity is about 400 mAh. The 6lr61 battery is a larger battery, because it has a capacity of about 400 mAh. 550 mAh. In the first case, we can also meet the 6lf22 designation, which means that there is a t variant of long life, i.e. with extended durability and service life. Such batteries are more durable, more resistant to the loads caused by working in difficult conditions and thus working much longer than a regular 9V 6f22 battery, because up to 10 years. This not only saves money and minimizes the cost of operating a specific equipment, but also reduces environmental pollution. You will find both the classic 9V 6f22 version and 6lg22, i.e. long life, in our offer. The 9V 6f22 batteries are one of the most versatile solutions that have found application in many devices both in everyday use as well as professional and industrial equipment.

As an alternative to 9V 6f22 disposable batteries, the batteries are also encapsulated in PP3 housing. They are also available in Botland store, you will find them in another product category. Batteries are reusable, we charge them using the built-in module or external charger. This way we can use them longer.

9V 6f22 battery usage

Due to its versatility, the 9V 6f22 battery has a very wide range of uses. It has a nominal voltage of 9 V and always has the same dimensions, i.e. 48.5 mm × 26.2 mm × 17 mm. However, 9V 6f22 batteries use different materials, which are responsible for their properties and their purpose and area of use. It is therefore worth paying attention to them, taking into account the specific and intended use of the battery. Individual 9V 6f22 batteries differ in their resistance to external influences. If the wrong battery is selected, there is a high risk of not only damage to the battery due to environmental factors, but also of failure of the entire device. 9V 6f22 batteries were created with the first transistor radios. They were initially used for them. With the passage of time, the range of their intended use has significantly widened. Today, they power a lot of electronic and electrical devices, they are perfect for electrical circuits created for educational purposes, as well as for prototyping. So they will be a good choice for those who are looking for a power supply to their device, as well as for those who are passionate about electronics and prototyping.

Botland store offers, among other things, a very versatile and rich product range, which is why 9V 6f22 batteries are available in various options. They differ in the material they are made of and are dedicated to specific areas of electronics.