Battery 9V (6F22)

Battery 9V 6f22 battery - In this category we offer batteries dziewięciowoltowe disposable. There is salt and batteries 6F22 6LF22 (long life), as well as alkaline batteries 6LR61. All products in this section are in standard housings PP3, and their nominal voltage is 9 V. in other categories In our store you will also find batteries with the possibility of multiple charging in the same housing and energized.


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9V battery (6f22 battery) - power Source for many electronic projects

The battery is equipped with chassis PP3 (power pack 3) and with rated voltage of 9 V is one of the most commonly used types of batteries. It has standard dimensions 48.5 mm × 26.2 mm × 17 mm, however, the material and some properties (e.g., capacitance or resistance to external factors) may differ. Therefore, before buying you should learn about the most popular varieties of batteries dziewięciowoltowych.

9V - Price, types, characteristics and appearance

The two most common types of battery 9 V 6F22 and 6LR61 (both disposable). 6LR61 alkaline battery usually has a capacity of about 550 mAh, while 6F22 battery-coal-coal with a capacity of about 400 mAh. The 6F22 is also found in the embodiment of long life (marking 6LF22) - this battery is more durable, which can reach even 10 years. Both types you will find in our range. In case there are also PP3 batteries (batteries are reusable), among other NiMH - they are also available on our website in the category battery). 9 Volt battery, this is one of the most versatile battery on the market. The cost of these batteries is the expense that is less than $ 5.

Use a 9V battery in the electronics and robotics

Battery dziewięciowoltowe originated in a period when the market appeared first telephone, radio, dvd transistor (hence they are commonly called batteries tranzystorowymi). However, their use is much wider and includes the power many small electronic devices and electric. Well proven also during prototyping, as well as in electrical circuits that are built for educational purposes (provide a simple wiring connection with the circuit).