9V (6F22) batteries

All wireless devices, instruments, tools and accessories need to be powered by battery or batteries. If you do everything perfectly, the voltage across the system and all components zabezpieczycie, a 9V battery , it will be very efficient and satisfactory source of supply. In this category we offer high quality links that will provide You with trouble-free operation. Don't limit yourself with wires and power supplies, since you have the same great opportunity.


Voltage output from
Capacity mAh
Cell - Type
Cell - case

Large capacity and long service life, that is, 6F22 battery

Probably, no one likes a situation when after installing a new battery in devices, toys, or programs in a minute the voltage drops and is discharged to zero, especially if you just started to have fun or to work. Therefore, you should pay attention not only to the capacity of the links, but also producers who were engaged in the production and recommend your product in your signature.

In order to ensure all customers have the satisfaction of choice, we provide the best quality, range. You'll find we have, in particular, such brands as Punch, Duracell, everActive, GP Powercell, Panasonic, Philips, Varta. Each 9V battery tested before shipping to make ordering as safe as possible and zaspokajało the needs of users. Every day we take care to ensure that designers and technology enthusiasts, can enjoy their devices or systems – don't wait and join the number of satisfied customers.

Remember safety use

Although 9V battery is nothing new, and most users of electronic devices has been in touch with her, it is often possible to find dangerous behavior in the transportation, use and storage. It should be borne in mind, especially about how to keep away from high/low temperatures, moisture, sunlight and materials that are conductive. So, if you're not using them, choose airtight plastic packaging. You will find them in our store as we offer also the necessary accessories for accumulators and batteries.

Creating a layout using a wireless power, don't do it this way is temporary. We have products such as battery separators at great prices that will not only protect You during work but also during the use of its design. Find out what we have in store for fans of technology in