Batteries D (R20)

Dimensions of batteries and accumulators determine their volume, energy efficiency and usefulness of specific types of equipment. Selection of power source is always associated with a compromise between dimensions and electrical characteristics that compromise imposes itself in physics, as the method of energy storage is associated with its density (amount of energy per unit mass or volume). If the size of the device is not severely limited, it is necessary to consider the use of large, reliable batteries R20.


Voltage output from
Capacity mAh
Cell - Type
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Labeling battery "paluszkowych"

Popular types of batteries can be divided due to the shape and proportions of the three main groups of products. The smallest battery, that is, the tablet type (also called guzikowymi) have the shape of a cylinder with a diameter significantly greater than the length of – such as the popular CR2032 is 20 mm in diameter, with a thickness of only 3.2 mm. the Second group of batteries are cylindrical with a diameter of (typically) several times less than the length. This group includes the most common sticks classic (R6) small (R03) and the battery is smaller (for example, CR123) and more (R14 and R20). Other batteries mostly models rectangular 9 volt 6F22 or the famous flat battery voltage of 4.5 V, willingly used in ancient latarkach.

Batteries R20 – huge capacity and the "right" size

Batteries R20 (in version alkaline – LR20) also known skrótowym marking D. Although their market share is currently quite small, and this is despite the proliferation of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries R20 is still irreplaceable in many applications with a high demand for energy. One of the classic applications battery type D more, flashlight manual, although they can be found in some electronic toys. Another group of applications are portable stereos – the so-called bumbox y – which, given the often considerable musical power and the need to ensure long time working, require a power source with a very large capacity.

Reliable alkaline batteries the store Botland

In our assortment you will find the famous R20 batteries manufacturer Varta. Battery Varta Longlife R20 Power have a huge capacity 16500 mAh (16.5 A * h) and standard size (58 x 33 mm) and a voltage of 1.5 V. Sold in sets of 2 pieces. For particularly demanding applications, for example for use in adverse environmental conditions, we recommend a solid R20 alkaline batteries Varta Industrial with greater capacity, equal to 17000 mAh. The operating temperature range of these batteries ranges from -10 to +50 oC, which allows the use, in particular, in latarkach tourist.