Batteries AA (R6)

Batteries R6 Battery - size AA, that is the popular sticksare probably the most commonly used power source in the battery devices of daily use. Before selecting a battery, you might consider the feature of the equipment in which they worked – in terms of devices ideal cheap AA batteries. The R6 battery is a universal power source for many devices.


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Capacity mAh
Cell - Type
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Batteries AA (R6) sticks paluszkom not equal

Cheap AA batterieswith prices starting from a few dozen cents apiece, most normal batteries are zinc-carbon. Batteries R6 are relatively low capacity and are suitable for devices with low power consumption. Typical examples of such applications are clocks and alarm clocks (mechanical or LCD screens) or the remote control. In the case of devices with a current consumption of the order of several hundred milliamperes, a better choice would be the fingers are alkaline, characterized by not only a much higher capacity, but also a long period of fitness for use. In this regard, if it happens to us to forget about replacing batteries, it is better to use alkaline batteries, which, despite the higher price more used in devices with reduced power consumption. In the case of toys driven by electric motors, flashlights or some cameras and radios the only correct choice would be LR6 batteries, that is exactly the kind of alkaline AA batteries.

R6 AA Battery - Parameters, which is worth remembering

Most users know the value of the nominal voltage of AA battery which is 1.5 V. a Much smaller percentage of us remembers, as a rule, on the other, not less important parameters. For example, not all batteries are capable to work in a fairly wide range of temperatures. If we belong to photo enthusiasts and we use the camera or accessories (e.g. external flash), which receive power from batteries of size R6, you should purchase a solid alkaline, for example, from the Duracell Industrial.

AA batteries - Batteries for professionals

Sticks from the Duracell Industrial are ideal for use in range of ambient temperatures from -20oC to +54oC, and therefore, exceeding even handle multiple cameras. Low resistance diameter at a frequency of 1 kHz predisposes batteries to operate in applications with higher current consumption (pulse). It should be borne in mind that the use of batteries of any type under conditions exceeding the specifications of the manufacturer may be associated not only with limited service life and efficiency of the power supply, but also risk damaging the battery.