AAA batteries (R3)

Battery R3 AAA From among multiple battery sizes some of the most readily used in devices of daily use. This group includes the popular "little fingers", as they specify the battery in the amount of R3, also denoted by AAA. Despite similar size and voltage battery can significantly differ between themselves more or less known, though very important from the point of view of the user parameters. Let's look at the battery R3, available in store Botland.


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AAA batteries (R3) – small but strong

Each standard AAA battery (R3, R03) has a nominal voltage of 1.5 V is, however, only applies to elements as such, which should not be confused with akumulatorkami with the same dimensions. Best available today battery R3 have the L prefix, then their type is written as LR03 – additional letter means that we are dealing with alkaline. This type of battery has much better parameters (especially a higher capacity) than the normal, slightly cheaper batteries R03. Alkaline batteries are also better able to cope with applications with higher peak current, compared with conventional batteries. Given the previously mentioned small price differences, the use of conventional batteries today profitable – in alkaline AAA battery, much better fit almost in any application.

Use AAA battery

A small "wand" is easy to use wherever we are faced with a limited amount of space on the body – so a lot of mobile devices, including a computer mouse, some electronic thermometers, small flashlights, etc. often use this type of power supply. If, before applying your daily use suitable for almost all the typical alkaline batteries, in case a more serious professional use you should put on a special battery.

Battery R3 - "even" beeping?

In addition to the nominal voltage, a very important parameter of batteries is their capacity. R3 batteries are high quality, sourced from well-known manufacturers can boast about 1200 more mAh, which is a very good result for small AAA batteries, compared to the much larger batteries R6. Specifications industrial sticks may contain typical values of internal resistance and precisely the characteristics of the discharge.