AAA batteries (R3)

AAA R3 batteries are most commonly used in everyday life. They are characterized by their small size and very universal and versatile use. We use them in connection with commonly used electrical devices. They are connected by their size, but AAA R3 batteries differ in technical parameters, which translates into both their intended use and the quality of work and operation of the whole device. R3 means that they are alkaline batteries, but AAA batteries come in other variants. In this case, however, we are dealing with a much longer service life, as well as increased durability, as much as 40 times greater than in standard batteries. For this reason, they quickly gained popularity and became the first and sometimes the only right choice for many. Find out what Botland offers! In our offer you will find AAA alkaline batteries with different parameters. Choose the variant best suited to the specificity of your work and the type of your device. 


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AAA battery types

Alkaline batteries AAA R3 are currently the most popular type of these batteries. The high energy density is caused by the potassium hydroxide used in them. This means that we can expect a visibly higher work efficiency. They are also batteries with increased capacity than those of older solutions. Their advantages include also high strength and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Before alkaline batteries we used other available options. Standard were AAA zinc-carbon batteries, which contain a solution of zinc chloride or ammonium. Their disadvantage, however, is their poor performance and short working time. Another variant of AAA batteries is a nickel-cadmium battery with a higher strength than zinc-carbon batteries. Moreover, there are available on the market AAA nickel-methyl-methyl-hydride batteries with a short life, but high capacity. Lithium batteries, which are the most expensive and efficient AAA batteries, are also commonly chosen. 

Performance and use of AAA alkaline batteries 

AAA alkaline batteries were invented already in 1959. Their construction is based on two electrodes - a cathode and an anode and an electrolyte. The anode is zinc powder, the cathode is manganese oxide powder, while the electrolyte is potassium hydroxide. These substances are not found in ordinary batteries. Alkaline AAA batteries are primarily above average life. They are also much more durable than standard batteries. Their big advantage is high resistance to external factors, especially to high and low temperatures. 

AAA alkaline batteries are dedicated to all those devices that are characterized by high power consumption. For this reason they are used in electric shavers and razors, cameras and video cameras, remote-controlled toys, mobile music players and other modern devices. 

Technical parameters of AAA R3 batteries 

AAA R3 batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.5V. As for their identification, we can distinguish a special type of AAA R3 batteries, namely LR03. This is a symbol that indicates that we are dealing with efficient alkaline batteries with a long life and high resistance to external factors. Batteries differ in capacity, which is one of the key parameters worth paying attention to when choosing them. The best AAA batteries have a capacity of 1200 mAh and more. Given the small size of batteries, this is an impressive result. AAA alkaline batteries can be stored for a relatively long time. It is estimated that they retain their technical parameters and are safe to use for 5-7 years. 

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