Sensors gestures

Sensors gestures In the era of rapid development of multimedia, and therefore multimedia devices, more and more of them has control interfaces with gestures and movements. Games television, televisions, mobile react to certain movements of the user, which makes their service more comfortable and fun that we provide is much more pleasant and, above all, more intuitive. To build the device is controlled by Your gestures, available in Botland sensors gestures and motion sensors.

Sensors gestures and motion sensors

Where's the TV remote?

Each of us is probably not once had to search the house for the remote control of television and radio broadcasting. Take advantage of the available sensors in Botland gestures and create your own remote control for the TV, which will never have to look for. With help from the sensors gestures. They can be divided into two categories: sensory and non-contact. In this first component, receiving the gesture, for example, the so-called "track ball", which allows us to track movement in the field of 360 degrees. In addition, a backlight and come with a button under the ball. More advanced sensors of the gestures work on the principle of measuring light intensity. Detect motion in a plane at a distance of 5 cm to 30 cm, and even recognize nine gestures, such as: movement: right, left, up, down, zooming from the sensor, circular motion corresponds to the counterclockwise motion of the wave (the strokes). There is a mode "game", characterized by rapid data processing. Of course, these sensors are compatible with most of the modules line, including Raspberry Pi and Arduino. However, if this is enough for you, you can use the almost unlimited opportunities that it provides a gesture sensor, which is the Leap Motion Controller. compatible with most line modules, including Raspberry Pi and Arduino. This accurate motion sensor is equipped with multiple cameras and light sensor IR are able to detect movement in 3D space. Tracks movements of both hands and 10 fingers with very high precision and incredible speed. It has an active community of developers who support each other in their projects. Don't wait and start playing now!

Motion sensors for use in Your home or office.

You left sometime later that evening in their apartment or house and potykałeś before the light switch? Ever wondered why automatic przytrzasnęła Your car while driving? How to open auto door? How the alarm system detects an intruder? This is only some of the cases that involve motion sensors. In the case of lighting automation sensors can be installed in housings for wall or ceiling mounting. The range of such a sensor is a few meters and, as a rule, adjusted with a potentiometer. Their field of view ranges from 180 to 360 degrees. Often, motion sensors, designed to control lighting, have also a light sensor that allows in addition, the dependence of the action of the motion sensor to the time of day and a timer with a switch-on time of the sensor output when it detected a moving object. By connecting motion sensors to sound the alarm, and the alarm unit will build my alarm system that will warn You before the uninvited guest at the party.

Something for fans of own designs

In Botland, you will find a wide range of sensors designed to mikrokomputerowych systems such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino, as well as from the DFRobot Gravity. We offer motion sensors, which can operate as vibration sensors, tilt, shock or aftershocks. Featuring a miniature wykonaniom (their sizes start from a few tens of millimeters), are ideal for use in security systems of vehicles. Remember that the most effective burglar alarm system is one that you build yourself. In addition to the classical sensor type PIR (passive infrared sensor), where the motion detection is based on accurate temperature measurement object field in the sensor changes the temperature of the environment, we offer motion detectors, microwave ovens, which use in their activities, for example, the phenomenon of Doppler. The microwave sensor is ideal in systems where it is not required that the temperature change has an impact on his work.