Linear actuators

Automation & robotics help people in many time consuming actions that require repetitive scheme. It is not surprising that robotic arm replace employees on production lines and during the segregation works. It would not be possible if not for the linear actuators, which are used in all industries of production.


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Products by page

Actuators and linear work on tape

The staff are terrified the fact that manufacturing is increasingly becoming fully automated. This is not surprising, in the end, this is a classic cost optimization and risk for the entrepreneur. The robot arm is not tired, does not receive wages, do not need to pay insurance and do not need breaks and benefits. Sometimes it can just fail, but the repair required one worker, which will be constantly servicing multiple devices at the same time – in addition, this line can work around the clock. It would not be possible if not for the linear drives of high quality which is able to replace human muscle.

Linear actuators in small robots private

If the element corresponding human limbs, he is responsible for moving objects, it is necessary to take it into account when designing remote-controlled robots. A small robotic arm for action private, can also replace the person performing such activities as writing on a piece of paper, burning wood, grinding, and even 3D printing – the possibilities are endless, and it all comes down to the imagination of designers and the skill of the constructors and developers who will create this system. Botland offers its customers high-quality linear actuators which are made with the finest materials and designed with great precision. We have as quick models, which in the shortest time will be to perform light work, as the products are a bit looser, but which can withstand more than 300 lbs! Of course, wanting to meet expectations of all stakeholders in our range, we also prepared copies of the line, so you can adjust them for your expectations and requirements with the help of Botland, you get a guarantee that will translate to your project and its quality.

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